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Travel Trends 2021/ 2022

Travel Trends 2021/ 2022

As most of us have been in lockdown for almost half of 2020, we’ve had plenty of time on our hands to start dreaming about

Responsible Travel and Tourism

Responsible Travel

What is responsible travel? How can you travel more responsibly and what is greenwashing? Read on to find out. What Is Responsible Travel? Responsible Travel

What Happens At Wellness Retreat
Wellness Travel

What Happens At Wellness Retreat?

Each type of wellness retreat is unique and therefore the exact classes, workshops, meal plans and treatments will vary, but on the whole, wellness retreats

Cold Therapy and Wim Hof Method
Physical Wellbeing

Cold Therapy and Wim Hof Method

Cold therapy is one of the largest growing trends in the wellness sphere with hundreds of new followers and evangelists of the Wim Hof Method

eco design in hospitality
Interior Wellbeing & Healthy Home

Eco-Design In Hospitality Architecture

Many of us already favour sustainable alternatives in our daily lives but with the growing worries surrounding the climate crisis at the forefront of our

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