bleisure travel trend
Wellness Travel and Wellbeing Trends

Bleisure Travel

The travel industry is constantly changing, and one of the latest trends bringing new light to business trips is bleisure travel. A testament to how

luxury travel trends 2024
Wellness Travel and Wellbeing Trends

Luxury Travel Trends for 2024

The travel industry is currently at its peak, and new luxury travel trends for high-end consumers are emerging to cater to the wanderlust of those

travel trends 2024 - travel destinations
Wellness Travel and Wellbeing Trends

Travel Trends 2024

As we change the way we work, our attitudes toward relaxation, and how we view the world, certain travel trends emerge. They’re here to guide

The Importance of breaking routines.
CEO Diary

The Importance Of Breaking Routines.

London 🇬🇧💂 Last week. A morning run. Starbucks. “A grande latte, please.” “Name?” “Mags.” ☕️ DONE. A basic mountain wooden hut 🛖. Today. A rather

Physical Wellbeing

Yoga Trends 2024

Each year, new yoga trends emerge, while other ancient practices still hold their place strong in our hearts. Yoga has become the ultimate tool for

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