Sounds of Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

Sounds of Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

Since at the moment we cannot simply book plane tickets and physically discover new places, we want to bring those top travel destinations for 2021/ 2022 to you.

If you read our post about sounds healing, you will be familiar with its benefits. More energetic music can make your workout feels easier, while sound baths can help you meditate and ease symptoms of stress or anxiety. Overall, sound can be used to improve your wellbeing by positively influencing your emotional, physical and mental health. By matching the frequencies of our own vibrational waves to that of the music around us we can undertake a process of healing, relaxation, clarity and concentration.

To help you relax and overcome the worry caused by those difficult times, but also to inspire your future travel plans, we researched the sounds of those sustainable travel destinations– from nature, through sounds of the cities, to folk music.

We hope you find this collection encouraging to start planning your next travel retreat…

Immerse yourself in a virtual trip.

Sounds of Costa Rica

Discover Costa Rican rainforest sounds with this video recorded near Piedras Blancas National Park. You will hear crickets, frogs, various birds, kinkajous, geckoes, howler monkeys and more. Biodiversity in this stunning country–considered the ultimate ecofriendly and environmentally responsible destination–does not only include animals- the floras obviously cannot be heard:)

Sounds of The Azores

Sit down, close your eyes and imagine that you are relaxing on an empty beach, looking into the distance at sea. This footage was taken in the place called Agua de Pau on the island of San Miguel, Azores. This eco-friendly archipelago of 9 islands is located 1500km west of Portugal, almost in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. So why the deer? You can spot them easily when at the Azores, so why now?:)

Sounds of Nepal

The sights and sounds of the Upper Rolwaling Valley, one of the most appealing eco-friendly trekking destinations in Nepal. With 7134m Gaurishankar, the second-highest peak of the Rolwaling Himal, in the background and Tso Rolpa glacial lake at the end.

Sounds of Malta

Oh, you will love this video- it will take you on a journey to discover Malta- the magical islands of ancient sites, underground temples, vivid red colours, organic and green-farms the country of contrast and surprises. It’s easy to understand why most of the people start planning their return trip to Malta before they’ve even left the country the first time.

Sounds of San Francisco

This is one of the most relaxing sounds in this collection… Listen to the ocean crashing wave sounds at San Francisco’s Bay, on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The video was recorded over 3 days, before the sunrise to try to catch the cleanest sound…

Sleep, study, meditate or simply imagine being in there now..

Sounds of Slovenia

Just like the song which harmonizes ancient customs, popular beliefs and nature with a sunny turn, this music feels like is touched by ancient traditions with a modern expression.

Folk music is like a memory from ancient times, an echo of a space that carries the diversity of Slovenian landscapes. The sounds and video show what the richness of differences in culture and Slovenia’s nature and the world in general means.

At the end of the new century, it is no longer just about a renaissance, but resonance, not just about sonority, but about sympathy, not just for listening, but for tuning, so tune in…


Sounds of Palau

A very short recording to bring you sounds of Palau’s tropical rainforest… Palau is truly a country of natural wonders stretched across limestone and volcanic islands, with jellyfish lake, green forests, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean…

Close your eyes, feel into your body and imagine that you are on a relaxing “seaescape” or a retreat.

Sounds of Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands, the unique archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, lies about 1,000km off Ecuador’s coast. The isolated, eco-conscious destination is home to a wide diversity of plant and animal species, many found nowhere else. Here you will hear the authentic sounds of this unique archipelago- Galapagos tortoise eating at the Santa Cruiz Island, sea lions rookery at Santiago Island, Galapagos penguins at Bartolome Island, Sierra Negra Volcano Crickets at Isabela Island, blue-footed boobies at North Seymour Island or flamingos on Isabela island…

Sounds of Rwanda

2020 marks 30 years since the famous primatologist and conservationist Dian Fossey, who studied the gorillas and was murdered by poachers at her base in Karisoke, in Rwanda.

Now, mountain gorillas are protected and viewing them in their natural habitat is definitely one of the top wildlife experiences, but in Rwanda, they’re not the only ape to see. It’s one of only three countries in the world where you can see both gorillas and wild chimpanzees.

The sounds these primates make is out of this world and you can listen to them in this recording.

Sounds of Singapore

This recording will take you for a city break:) With it’s a unique approach to environmental sustainability, Singapore is one of those eco-friendly destinations which we could not omit here.

Start from morning rumble of crickets, the burst of a rain shower, durian seller, through the excitement and cheering of a racecourse and finishing with the blast of fireworks…

Sounds of New Zealand

Embark for natural journey into the heart of New Zealand’s South Island with ambient nature sounds – accompanied with relaxing music. The video itself is also breath-taking- exotic landscapes of Milford Sound and Fiordland National Park, the world’s bluest Lake Pukaki due to glacial flour, made from extremely fine rock particles, famous Tree at Lake Wanaka and scenery from around Queenstown.

 Feel your stresses melt as you go into deep relaxation.

Sounds of Iceland

This recording features the sounds of the water from Glacier Lagoon in Jökulsárlón, emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. You can hear the cracking of glaciers and even chunks of ice falling into the water, there are also wind noises. These sounds can help you fall into a deep sleep…

Sounds of Jordan

From the most unique and mysterious desert landscapes to its World Heritage Sites, friendly towns, Jordan can easily become one of the best countries you will ever visit.


Sounds of Bhutan

This playlist is great for short or long meditation or yoga sessions, to balance your body and spirit. These tracks were composed only with Tibetan bells. The sound is absolutely natural, you will feel them next to you. It’s more beneficial is you listen to this track at low volume.

Sounds of India

How differently Indian forest sounds from the jungle of Rwanda! Listen to the forest waking up and coming to life. Calm your mind with those natures vibrations…

How did you find our collection of the eco-friendly travel destination sounds?

We hope we managed to facilitate your virtual travel into those stunning places and that you truly enjoyed the experience. Please let us know if the comments below!

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