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Travel Trends 2024

As we change the way we work, our attitudes toward relaxation, and how we view the world, certain travel trends emerge. They’re here to guide us through exploring ourselves by exploring the world, with all the local communities, culinary treasures, and social and climate actions that reside within all corners of the Earth.

The next year is looking to be filled with authentic, soul-changing, and planet-oriented experiences in line with our rising consciousness. Here, we present you with the travel trends that will shape 2024 to assist you in your planning journeys and help you make the most of your travel time.

Sustainable & Conscious Tourism

Sustainable & Conscious Tourism destinations, remote Thailand here. Travel trend 2024.

Showcasing compassion for our planet and being more mindful of how we interact with it has been on everyone’s agendas lately. The tourism industry is no exception from our efforts to incorporate eco-friendly practices into our lives.

According to a recent report by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and the Group, 69% of travellers are on the lookout for sustainable travel options in 2023. By looking at the state of climate change and considering how many companies, including travel ones, are committing to becoming net zero by 2050, there is no sign that this travel trend is slowing down.

In terms of what hotels and booking agencies will provide, expect more ecotourism packages and green initiatives such as eco-friendly transport options, going paper-free, and regenerative travel.

Combined with the fact that people want to have more intentional experiences, positive local interactions and to support communities when they travel, and 2024 and beyond is looking set to be a year of sustainable, meaningful travel.

Slow Travel

Slow Travel - taking time to experience destination - travel trend 2024

There is no doubt that by now, many people have realised that life can sometimes be more beautiful when you move at a slower pace, and as such people are making slower travel plans.

In the past, fast-paced, see-it-all vacations were the thing. But today, people are embracing a more mindful and relaxed approach to holidaying with this travel trend. Think of longer trips, less crowded destinations, and accommodation that promotes leisure and wellness. With slow travel, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

This way of travel is suitable for just about everyone who wants to take things in while they journey across the world, and it perfectly ties together with a more sustainable and meaningful travel approach.

Bleisure = Fusing Business with Leisure

Bleisure, which stands for going business as usual in a holiday environment - travel trend 2024.

Can business and leisure go together? They certainly can, and this emerging travel trend is proving that. Bleisure, which stands for going business as usual in a holiday environment, is not a completely new tourism trend. Following the rise of remote working, many people oriented themselves towards more appealing office environments, such as the Bahamas, Mexico City, or all-inclusive resorts in nearby destinations.

Today, hybrid working seems to be the new cool. And with that, many can take advantage of bringing along their laptops and working by the pool on Thursday and Friday and then hopping hands-free into the water over the weekend, thus extending their holiday. Others are embracing the bleisure travel trend fully by booking month-long stays in hotels in hot destinations that are specifically equipped to accommodate digital nomads with coworking spaces and of course, after-office massages.

Transformational Trips

Transformative travel - travel trend 2024

With the rise of spirituality and the desire to discover one’s purpose, people are on the lookout for transformational trips that will leave a mark on their life’s path.

That’s why people are turning to wellness retreats, cultural trips, or even cooking holidays. They hold the promise to turn our lives around by fusing wellbeing with gaining new knowledge about ourselves and the world. Whether it’s a silent retreat deep in the woods, an Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru, or trekking across Tibet / or visiting monks in Tibet, transformational trips will be a key travel trend in 2024.

Indigenous Travel: Reinforcing Remote Communities

Indigenous travel- reinforcing remote communities - travel trend 2024.

In recent years, we’ve seen an increased appeal towards authenticity. Whether it’s through seeking more transparent and unique brand experiences, cooking ancestral foods, or showing up more as our true selves in our relationships, the need to be real is growing.

In the travel industry, this yearning is manifested in the indigenous travel trend. Such experiences are organised and owned by indigenous people. Their purpose is to cultivate an appreciation for the land and the culture within the traveller while also supporting and empowering remote communities and as a bonus – preserving the environment. It can also be very life-changing and cater to a transformational trip.

In 2023, Australian tour operator Intrepid Travel is launching 100 new indigenous-led experiences, and we can’t wait to see what new adventures will emerge from this travel trend.

Bucket-List-Worthy Trips

bucket list worthy trips- travel trend 2024.

We’re not done with revenge travel yet, as bucket-list destinations are still a booking trend. Our dreams for something big, exotic, and outlandish / faraway are coming to life with once-in-a-lifetime trips. There is nothing to wait for; life is happening right now, and this will be evident in the travel trends for 2024.

Whether seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan, hiking to Machu Picchu in Peru, or taking that Yoga Teacher Training Course in India, the world is your oyster!

Curated & Personalised Experiences

Personalised experiences and trips. Travel trend 2024.

Alongside authentic experiences, travellers, especially millennials and Gen Z, are looking for personalisation / that personal touch. Typical bed and breakfast stays and popular / mainstream guided tours won’t cut it anymore.

Curated trips are a novelty in the travel industry. But just as speakeasy bars, exclusive exhibitions, and gourmet meals are cherished/treasured, so are curated travel experiences entering the category of exclusivity. Think trips centered around a certain theme such as the culinary adventures of Italy / the Middle East or the history of. They also come with the benefit of having more immersive experiences with the logistics being taken care of for you, such as VIP passes and shorter waits at certain sightseeing locations.

From slow, sustainable, and meaningful trips to curated travel experiences, the 2024 travel trends will take us to new and exciting destinations filled with mindful and life-changing adventures.

What is going to be your favourite travel style this year?

MTA Curated Editorial Team
MTA Curated Editorial Team
The MTA Curated Editorial Team comprises seasoned writers and thought leaders in wellness, sustainability, and travel. Together, we aim to enrich your self-discovery journey through carefully crafted content. Our work reflects a deep understanding of mindful travel and sustainable living. We explore a myriad of topics, engaging with experts and the community. Our editorial ethos is rooted in authenticity and a dedication to narratives that inspire and inform.
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