The Importance of breaking routines.

The Importance Of Breaking Routines.

London 🇬🇧💂 Last week.

A morning run. Starbucks.

“A grande latte, please.”



☕️ DONE.

A basic mountain wooden hut 🛖. Today.

A rather cold morning. A coffee urge.


Well, it is not that simple…

First, make a fire in the kitchen’s wood-burning stove. It was raining last night. I went to bed earlier and hadn’t chopped the wood before. The wood is wet. 

Preparation time to even start coffee preparation – 1 hour⏳️. 

While the water for coffee is warming up, I am setting up a fire in the fireplace. 

One hour later, the coffee is here. No sugar, no milk.

Total preparation time –  2 hrs⌛.

Although I prefer a more efficient experience, that’s one of the most delicious coffees I had for years.

The new process. The gratitude. The simple pleasures. 

(a note from my journal).

Why Is Taking A Break From Routine And Monotony Important?

Living on auto-pilot and repeating daily habits means our brain uses the same learned ‘neural pathways’ over time. That’s why routines that need no thinking don’t give our brain a good workout or help increase its abilities or functioning. The routine/ habits are essential and helpful, but why not break them occasionally and see if magic happens…

Although the example of making coffee on a  wood-burning stove is extreme, trying something simple and different can make a few moments of your day genuinely mindful.

A surprisingly straightforward and consistent way to stimulate your mind is by changing your usual path to a destination. Whether walking, driving, or cycling, simply choose a different route. 

Next time you seek mental stimulation, commute to your work in a way you haven’t before. Take unexplored paths on your way home. Discover a new way to go from point A to B. Even a minor detour from your regular route can make a difference. Make it meaningful.

The purpose of changing direction is to see things differently. 

And who knows, you may even find a new place to get that morning coffee and meet new people on the way…

How to break your daily routine?

  • Experiment with New Foods – Deviate from your usual menu and venture into culinary exploration. Create a new dish or blend a smoothie with unfamiliar ingredients. It can infuse variety into your day and expose your palate to new tastes.
  • Modify Your Morning Ritual – Swap your morning routine elements. If you’re a habitual coffee drinker and news consumer, consider a warm herbal tea and a chapter from a novel. It’s a refreshing deviation to kickstart your day.
  • Navigate Differently – Traveling to your regular destinations via a new route can disrupt the mundanity. Choose a different path and observe the new scenery, whether it’s your office, the supermarket, or a friend’s place.
  • Rethink Your Fitness Schedule – Alter your exercise time. If you’re an early bird who loves a sunrise jog, try a dusk walk instead. This switch can impact your day’s rhythm and sleep quality.
  • Explore New Pastimes – Dedicate your leisure time to an unexplored hobby. Dabble in creative writing, sculpting, a new instrument, or perhaps a foreign language. It’s an exciting break from the familiar.
  • Diversify Your Social Scene – Change your social dynamics. Participate in events outside your comfort zone or strike up a conversation with someone outside your regular circle. It can lead to unexpected connections and experiences.
  • Revamp Your Work Strategy – Mix up your workday if it’s feasible. Tackle tasks in a different sequence, or try working in a new environment if remote work is an option. These little alterations can energize your workdays.

These unique suggestions aim to enrich your daily routine with stimulating changes that can boost creativity and motivation. In summary, start saying “Yes!” more often to things outside your habits and usual activities!

If you are looking for something more extreme?

Rediscover your balance and tranquility with our “Balanced Survival” retreats. These experiences offer the unique opportunity to embrace solitude in a serene, remote location, allowing for deep introspection and clarity. It’s the perfect escape for those seeking to step away from the noise of daily life and immerse themselves in peaceful solitude, bringing a renewed sense of balance and perspective to their lives.

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Mags Sikora
Mags leads the way as the CEO of MetimeAway. She cherishes tranquil moments, appreciates the allure of nature, and advocates for eco-friendly lifestyle choices. Inspired by her transformative experience during a solo retreat, she imparts her insights on personal growth and environmental consciousness through her writing, motivating others to embark on their own journeys of self-realisation and sustainable living.
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