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Bathe in melodic music during a peaceful sound healing retreat, allowing the healing vibrations to flow through your body, filling you with love and light.
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Allow yourself to be soothed and serenaded during a sound healing retreat which uses inspiring instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, hang drums and bells to create a tranquil atmosphere in which to heal and grow. Taking time out of your hectic life to unwind and realign with your goals is truly valuable and there’s no better space in which to relax than at a sound healing retreat.

Featured Sound Bath Retreats

discover our healing sound for groups and individual therapies…
yoga and sound healing gong retreat
Dubai, UAE
Sound Healing Gong Bath at Dubai’s Dunes

23 – 28 Nov 2023

woman playing with drums and gongs
Brac, Croatia
Women’s Yoga & Sound Healing Retreat

1-3 Mar 2024

cleansing sound bath retreat
Bavarian Forest, Germany

Rejuvenating & Cleansing Sound Bath Retreat

11-13 May 2024

journey through the senses retreat
Atlas Mountains, Morocco

A Journey Through the Senses Retreat

8-11 Sept 2024

woman playing with drums and gongs

Sound healing retreats are specially designed getaways that help you to connect to your inner bliss through the use of ancient sound healing techniques such as sound baths, meditation and breath therapy. Musician magicians who guide you through vibrational meditations that allow both your body and soul to heal in astounding ways run these serene retreats.

You’ll spend your days immersing yourself in holistic therapies combining yoga and meditation with kirtan evenings and gong baths to help balance your energy centres and harmonise your life.

Some sound healing retreats also offer you the chance to take part in sound therapy workshops, reiki treatments, cacao ceremonies and ecstatic dance which all work together to create the ideal ambience for personal development.

Each sound healing retreat is totally unique with the individual healer, their instruments, the location and the practices offered all having an effect on your transformational journey. Whichever sound healing retreat you choose, you’re sure to be in for a relaxing and restorative experience.

Singing Bowls/Gong Sound Healing

Sound healing retreats may solely focus on sound baths, with crystal singing bowls or gongs rung in such a way that you are guided towards a euphoric meditative state. These sound healing retreats focus on the power of vibration, using frequencies to help us re-harmonise with our true selves. These are some of the most peaceful and relaxing sound healing retreats and even a session a short as one or two hours can have a profound effect on your balance and wellbeing.

Kirtan/Chanting Sound Healing

Other sound healing retreats might include more interactive ‘call and response’ chanting, also known as kirtan. This again uses vibrations and frequencies – this time of the voice – but it also taps into the power of repetition and community spirit. Kirtan is a form of Bhakti Yoga (devotional yoga) and it aids us in reaching a higher state of consciousness which connects us to the divine and everything around us.

Sacred Ratio Sound Healing

Some retreats even use Sacred Ratio Pythagorean Tuning Forks known for creating the ‘sacred fifth’ ratio which is believed to soothe and balance your body, brain and spirit as well as elevating your level of consciousness. These retreats tap into sonic energy to help align our nervous system and bring deep relaxation.

The best locations for sound healing retreats are picturesque destinations where you can escape the buzz of daily life and tap into the healing modality of sound. From the jungles of Peru or the tropical paradise of Indonesia to rugged retreats in rural United States, sound healing sanctuaries are there to guide you to a place of peace, nourishment, healing and harmony.

Do you ever feel as though you’re constantly rushing around so much that you never have the time to stop, breathe and feel what’s going on in your life? The fast-paced world we live in in the West never really allows the space to enjoy one thing at a time, so it’s sometimes a good idea to really get away from it all and slow things down.

A sound healing retreat is all about relaxing the pace of life and stepping into the present moment so you can feel and heal anything that is holding you back from being your authentic, loving self. The resonance and reverberations you feel during a sound healing retreat help to release tension and blocks in the body, balance your chakras and connect with your life force.

Me Time Away understands that it can be difficult to discover relaxing retreats that are centred around your growth and wellbeing, which is why we have curated our own collection of getaways that do just that.

Our healing retreats offer a harmonious combination of beautiful destinations, sustainable accommodation, wholesome food and experienced healers to ensure you make the most of your sacred me-time while you’re away!

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Sustainable travel retreats

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