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Me Time Away’s selection of the best Cold Therapy Retreats that use ice baths, snow meditations and breathing methods to find your “inner fire”, improve your health and wellbeing.
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One of the more alternative retreat styles, cold therapy retreats are growing increasingly popular with travellers intrigued to discover what they can learn about themselves and the world when faced with extreme temperatures and challenging conditions. Using various breathing methods to unleash the fire and power within, cold therapy retreats are not for the faint-hearted but are a fascinating new experience for those seeking a deeper level of consciousness and being.

Past cold-therapy retreats

discover our cold healing retreats for groups and individual therapies…
cold therapy house

Reykjavik, Iceland

Ice Baths and Snow Meditation Retreats

23 – 28 Jan 2024

find your inner fire

Alaska, USA

Find Your ‘Inner Fire’ through Breathwork and Cold

3-12 Feb 2024

yoga on the snow retreats

Scotland, United Kingdom

Yoga Therapy Cold Training Retreat in Scotland

18-21 Dec 2024

pilates and cold retreat
The Tatra Mountains, Poland
Pilates and Winter Hiking Retreats

8-12 Jan 2025

cold and winter retreats

Cold therapy retreats are specially designed getaways that expose your body to extremely cold temperatures through the use of ice baths and cold showers, ice swimming and running and outdoor meditations. These retreats allow you to receive an introduction to cold therapy – as shared with the world by Dutchman Wim Hof – in a safe and professional way.

Cold therapy is thought have been mentioned in texts as far back as 3500 BC but it’s only more recently that serious studies have been undertaken to explore the benefits of this peculiar practice. Our selection of cold therapy retreats combine nature, yoga, meditation and cold therapy practices to give you an incredible introduction into this weird and wonderful world!

There are various different types of cold therapy retreats so it’s worth researching the options to see which is right for you. The best cold therapy retreats are those that give you the information and instruction you need to fall in love with these Iceman methods so that you can continue to reap the benefits of the practices when you return home.

Cryotherapy Spa Retreats

Cryotherapy retreats are a way of dipping your toe into the world of cold therapy without leaving the city. These stylish spas feature electric cryo chambers that maintain a constant cold temperature (between -85°C to -110°C) so that you can reap the benefits of the Arctic in just a few hours. Cryotherapy spa treatments are believed to soothe muscular injuries, aid weight loss, combat signs of aging and give you a boost of endorphins that will help you feel energised for the rest of the day.

Natural Cold Therapy Retreats

Wild and rugged cold therapy retreats are more Wim Hof’s style as they allow you to experience freezing temperatures in the natural world. These cold therapy retreats may have you snow-mobiling across white deserts, dipping in ice holes in freezing lakes, doing yoga under the stars and snow-shoeing up mountains in your swimwear!

Cold Therapy Expeditions

Once you have experienced a variety of cold therapy methods and are sold on its benefits, you may want to take your retreat experience one step further and take on an Iceman challenge. These expeditions allow you to hike up mountains alongside cold therapy experts like Wim Hof in your shorts, taking proud photographs when you reach the top.

As you would expect, the most popular destinations for cold therapy retreats are Russia, Canada, the United States and Scandinavia. These destinations have wonderful natural landscapes best suited to cold therapy practices. It’s much more intriguing and exciting to plunge into an ice hole in a frozen lake in the wild North than it is a plunge pool in your local leisure centre! Not only this but these destinations also have an array of other outdoor activities that pair well with cold therapy such as skiing, alpine hiking and ice fishing not to mention warming saunas in which to sweat out your toxins in the evenings.

Are you looking to shake up your health practices and challenge yourself to trying something that could refresh and revitalise your whole way of life? Well, cold therapy could be the change you’ve been looking for!

In addition to quick muscle recovery after sports, cold therapy can also bring about a whole host of other benefits for your health including increasing metabolism (thus encouraging fat loss), increasing circulation, reducing stress, improving concentration and alertness, and reducing inflammation. You may even notice significant improvements in your sleep, immune system function and even a marked improvement in your will power.

While you may want to get stuck in straight away and practice cold therapy techniques at home, we believe that it is a good idea to receive a thorough, personal introduction to these methods during a retreat. Our professional guides help you to combine exposure to extreme temperatures with breathing techniques and mindfulness practices to ensure you maximise the benefits of the practice and feel totally reinvigorated by the end of the retreat!

If you’ve scoured the internet in search of something a little different to help improve your health and wellbeing, then let us assure you that now you’re in the right place! Me Time Away places an emphasis on creating wellness retreats that align exactly with your expectations so that you are able to fully immerse yourself in the experience and reap the rewards.

Our collection of cold therapy retreats work with some of the most informed experts in the field to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable throughout your experience, be that sitting in a log cabin learning mindful breathing or getting out there and diving into an ice-cold pool!

We want to help you kickstart a new way of life during an immersive retreat as well as giving you the tools to continue these practices when you return home.

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