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Take time out to go inwards and focus on your emotional wellbeing at one of our specialised mental health retreats in picturesque, hand-selected locations around the world.
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Embark upon a transformative journey of mental health and wellbeing at one of our exclusive, immersive retreats. Our specialised mental wellbeing retreats enable you to work with experienced mental health professionals to rebalance, release past trauma and move beyond your limiting beliefs so that you can create a life that is filled with joy, peace and happiness. With various therapeutic workshops, traditional yoga and meditation sessions and in-depth personalised treatments, our mental health retreats aim to enliven and empower you to live a more blissful life.

Featured Mental Health Retreats

discover our retreats for groups and individual therapies…

discussion and talking therapy

Krakow, Poland 

3 Day Discussion Practice Retreat

9-11 December 2024

yoga and meditation
Algarve, Portugal

6 Day Meditation and Slow Yoga Flow Retreat

7-12 July 2024


Corsica, France

3 Days Cleansing and Smudging Rituals Retreat

9-11 July 2024

crystal healing retreats -crystals
La Teste de Buch, France
A Weekend Release Your Old Baggage- Inner Connection Meditation Retreat

17-19 Jun 2024

mental health therapy

Mental health retreats are residential getaways that allow you dedicated time to work on yourself through a variety of healing modalities. Whether art therapy, moving meditations, mindfulness sessions, group therapy, trauma release or traditional psychology-based talking therapy, mental health retreats offer the space, time and expert care you need to feel calmer, happier and more at one with yourself.

These intensive experiences enable you to tap into your unconscious thoughts and behaviours so you can heal from your past conditioning and move forward with your life. It’s not only the workshops and sessions that help you heal, though, the calming atmospheres of our retreat locations as well as welcoming friendly staff and wholesome meals contribute to the overall peacefulness of your journey.

Trauma Release Retreats

If past traumas and your attachment to these are holding you back in life, you may wish to embark on one of our healing trauma release retreats to enable you to soothe your mind, body and soul and learn how to love your life again. With holistic methods and experienced professionals on hand to help guide you through, you’ll feel safe to unlock the stories that are keeping you trapped. With talking therapy, creative release workshops, bodywork and fire ceremonies as well as space for self-reflection, our trauma release retreats offer a nurturing nest in which to heal and comfort yourself.

Mindfulness Retreats

Our peaceful mindfulness retreats invite you to slow down and travel inwards to discover the stillness and serenity within. With traditional seated meditation practices as well as yoga, mindful swimming, forest bathing and more, our mindfulness retreats are the perfect place to unwind and refocus on your own wellbeing. Depending on the retreat you choose, you may also wish to indulge in the spa services available or use Chakra healing, Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) and life coaching to assist you on your journey towards inner peace.

Stress Management Retreats

If stress and anxiety are keeping you up at night, it may be that you need to take a step back from your quotidian life to reset and recharge your mind. Using stress management and healing practices such as massage, yoga, Reiki and sound healing, these retreats allow you to notice the triggers in your life and start to work on your mindset surrounding these. Plant your feet on the ground, breathe in the fresh breeze and engage wholly with your heart so that you can go back to your daily life feeling calm, connected and in control.

Having calming surroundings around you is key to working on your mental health so we have chosen retreat destinations that enable you to be in touch with yourself nature and throughout. Whether a coastal setting, countryside getaway or jungle retreat, we’re sure our hand-picked destinations across the globe will have you feeling relaxed and refreshed in no time. From the UK to the Mediterranean, India to Australia, our mental health retreats are located in some pretty spectacular spots!

Does your day-to-day life feel too much sometimes? Do you wish you had more time to focus in on yourself and to work through your past traumas and conditioning? Does your mind chatter keep you up at night and you sometimes just wish you could quieten the noise?

If so, it may be that a mental health retreat is exactly what you are looking for. Our tranquil mental health retreats have been expertly designed to lead you through a process of healing, whether that is from something major that has happened in your life or simply a case of feeling stagnant with the mundanity of the everyday.

Our retreats allow you to partake in as many or as few workshops and sessions as you choose, leaving plenty of additional time to relax by the pool, take a walk on the beach or simply find a cosy corner where you can curl up with a book or write in your journal.

Me Time Away always has your overall health and wellbeing in mind, so you know that by choosing a mental health retreat with us you’ll be in good hands. Our mental health retreats work with qualified professionals to help you regain balance in your life and the luxurious properties in which our retreats are located help to soothe you mind, body and soul. The peaceful, natural surrounds are the perfect place to work on yourself, knowing you’ll come away from your trip feeling lighter, calmer and more centred.

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