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Dedicate some me time to reflect on your life, goals and values at a mindfulness retreat; slowing down the pace to really focus on the present moment and connect to your feelings. It is only when you are still that you can really listen to the quiet inner voice that gives your life purpose and direction. Relinquish the hustle and bustle of daily life to make space for mindful practices and holistic therapies that help to improve your overall wellbeing.

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Mindfulness retreat in Portugal

Algarve, Portugal

Stillness in Mind Meditation Retreat in Portugal

22-26 May 2024

journey through the senses retreat

The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Yoga and Meditation Retreat in the Atlas Mountains

2 – 5 Sep 2024

mindfulness and silent walking retreat

The Alps, France

Mindfulness and Silent Hiking Retreat

18-24 Nov 2024

mindfulness and forest bathing retreat

Bavarian Forest, Germany

Mindfulness and Forest Bathing Retreat

2-5 Mar 2025

mindful walks
Mindfulness retreats are specially curated spaces in which you can get away from the realities of your busy lifestyle and connect to the things that matter. These peaceful retreats come in all shapes and sizes but generally offer a relaxed schedule that helps you slow down and focus on each activity individually. Mindfulness retreats combine organised practices such as silent meditation and yoga to help you connect with your breath and quieten your inner chatter, along with more dynamic activities like gardening, journaling and forest bathing which help you put your mindfulness skills into action. Mindfulness retreats also combine well with yoga, detox and spa treatments to allow you to fully unwind and make the most of your time away.

As we said earlier, mindfulness retreats are as varied as we are, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want something still and serene, dynamic and developmental, or want to combine mindfulness with other practices such as yoga, there’s sure to be a retreat for you.

Meditation Retreat

Meditation retreats are the most common form mindfulness getaways, with the main focus being upon meditation practices such as Vipassana (seated ‘insight’ meditation), walking meditation, body scans, Loving Kindness practices and Pranayama (breathwork). These retreats allow you to fully connect with your mind, body and soul through the use of meditation, so that you become mindfully aware of your bodily sensations, your emotions, your beliefs and any other thoughts that may occur during dedicated meditation sessions.

Buddhist Mindfulness Retreats

Buddhist mindfulness retreats use the spiritual teachings of the Buddha as the heart of their programmes. These retreats help you become aware of your thoughts and feelings, dig into the root causes of these and understand the power you have in changing your circumstances. According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, creator of the MBSR programme, mindfulness is “moment-to-moment, non-judgemental awareness”. Practicing mindfulness not only allows you to increase your awareness, but also practice gratitude, manage stress and release attachment to negativity.

Permaculture Mindfulness

Permaculture mindfulness retreats are a more dynamic style of retreat as they offer guests the chance to learn skills and partake in activities while also being mindful. These retreats are often set on a farm or rural country house and allow you to assist in growing herbs and vegetables, creating new garden displays and learning about the importance of caring for the natural world. Often, permaculture mindfulness retreats offer seated meditation practices as well as teaching you the skills you need to use mindfulness when walking to work, washing the dishes and doing the gardening.

Forest Bathing Retreats

Another wonderful form of mindfulness retreat is Forest Bathing. Forest Bathing is an immerse form of nature therapy in which you mindfully explore forests and other green spaces with no purpose other than presence and awareness. This Japanese art form, aka Shinrin-yoku, helps you connect with nature, reduce stress, calm your mind and improve your overall wellbeing.

Yoga-Based Mindfulness Retreats

All yoga practices are a form of mindfulness as the very nature of yoga asanas is that you become aware of your breath and movement and work through postures in a mindful manner. Most yoga-based mindfulness retreats include Hatha, Yin and Yoga Nidra classes as well as pranayama practices to help bring you into the present moment and create a strong mind-body awareness.

Corporate Mindfulness

Lastly, corporate mindfulness retreats are now becoming popular as companies tap into the understanding that meditation and mindfulness are useful in helping to manage stress and anxiety and improve employee wellbeing. Corporate mindfulness and wellbeing retreats place an emphasis on your health and connections and allow you to step away from the stress and strain of the workplace. Instead of long hours, never-ending inbox messages and tense management meetings, corporate mindfulness retreats focus on boosting morale, rejuvenating yourself through nutritious meals and snacks and slowing down through exercises like Tai Chi, yoga and meditation.

While the spiritual gurus of India have been running forms of mindfulness retreats for decades, you can now access this type of retreat all over the world. So instead of having to travel to far-flung destinations, you can benefit from mindfulness a little closer to home. From day retreats in big cities like London or New York, to weekend getaways in the countryside and longer retreats on beaches, in forests and on farms, there is space for everyone to enjoy a little slice of mindfulness wherever you are.

Do you ever feel like your head is full of so many thoughts, fears and ideas that it’s hard to concentrate on any one thing without feeling totally overwhelmed? If so, you might be craving a mindfulness retreat.

In today’s world we have become accustomed to juggling multiple tasks, having constant anxiety about past conversations and perpetually worrying about future fears, so much so that we forget to live in the now.

Mindfulness retreats give you the tools you need to be truly present in each moment, completing each task efficiently and with passion. By learning to live in the moment you not only release pain from the past and fears about the future, but you also enjoy life in the now that little bit more.

The team here at Me Time Away love all things mindfulness and yoga, so we’re used to keeping our finger on the pulse about what types of retreat are out there and which styles would benefit different people. We therefore have a wealth of knowledge about mindfulness retreats and can put you in touch with retreat organisers who will help you learn, grow and stay present.

All of our retreats have been carefully selected to ensure you have the perfect environment in which to practice and connect. With eco-friendly accommodation, wholesome, nutritious meal plans, varied schedules and experienced leaders, our mindfulness retreats offer you everything you need to become present and learn how to take this practice back to your daily life.

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