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Stepping into a yoga retreat allows you to escape from your hectic daily life; slowing down to connect to yourself and enjoy life’s pleasures by being truly present in the moment. Whether you’re a complete beginner or already understand the benefits of yoga and want to deepen your practice, a yoga retreat creates a harmonious environment in which to learn and grow, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually too.

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journey through the senses retreat
The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Yoga and Meditation Retreat in the Atlas Mountains

2 – 5 Sep 20224

longevity detox yoga retreat

Kerala, India

Yoga and Spiritual Healing Retreat in Kerala

11-21 Sep 2024

yoga retreat in rome, italy

Rome, Italy

Urban Yoga and Detox Retreat in The Ancient City

9-13 March 2024

retreat in ibiza

Ibiza, Spain

Rejuvenating Pilates and Yoga Retreat in Ibiza Island

21-24 April 2024

detox and toning retreats

Yoga retreats are peaceful getaways that offer you the perfect balance of growth and relaxation. With experienced instructors, serene locations, nourishing food and varying schedules, Me Time Away’s collection of yoga retreats create the space for you to discover and uncover your true potential.

Most yoga retreats combine physical asana practices such as Vinyasa and Hatha Flow or restorative Yin classes, with more spiritual practices such as sharing circles, meditation, holistic therapies, sound healing and kirtan. Yoga retreats are often a great introduction into the world of yoga as they allow you an insight into the range of yogic practices available without being too overwhelming.

Allow your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing to be nurtured with a blissful yoga retreat in Europe or beyond.

Different styles of yoga suit different people so it’s important to research the types of yoga and figure out what you want to gain from your experience before booking a yoga retreat. Here we guide you through the types of yoga retreats so you can discover what is right for you:

Active Yoga Retreats

Active yoga retreats focus more on the physical asana practices of yoga rather than the emotional or devotional aspects of the practice and are likely to be centred around styles of yoga such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga. These types of retreat are perfect if you want to recharge your body, focus on challenge and growth and push yourself further than you would at home or in your regular yoga sessions. Of course, even during the most fitness-related yoga retreats you’ll still reap the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga through the use of mindful practice and breathwork.

Active yoga retreats are likely to include nourishing, wholesome meals and may combine well with hiking, surfing, swimming or even skiing!

Spiritual Yoga Retreats

Spiritual yoga retreats are ideal if you wish to connect to your inner self with insightful instructors helping to guide you deeper into the practice. These retreats may use styles of yoga such as Sivananda, Kundalini, Tantra and Integral yoga to help you to heal from past traumas, release yourself from limiting beliefs and listen to your truth so that you can step into a more meaningful life. Spiritual yoga retreats centre around breathwork, meditation, yogic philosophies and sharing, as well as a physical practice, so that your whole self is nourished and loved.

Detox Yoga Retreats

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut with your diet or physical body then a detox yoga retreat may be the one for you. Detox yoga retreats support you through the process of cleansing your mind and body of toxins so that you can realign with your true values. Combining a detox programme with yoga allows you to understand the importance of a healthy and nourishing life and gives you the tools you need to maintain the balance when you return home. For times during your detox yoga retreat when you’re feeling low on energy, you may want to focus on styles like Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, or alignment-based practices like Iyengar. At other times you may be feeling more energised, in which case a Hatha Flow or some sort of Dynamic Yoga class may be better suited.

Yoga And Spa Retreat

Yoga and spa retreats allow you to luxuriate and unwind while also benefiting from the practice of yoga. These retreats often take place in a pristine spa or resort with exquisite on-site facilities so you can pamper yourself all day long. Start your day with a gentle yoga practice followed by a nourishing breakfast and then while away the rest of the day with spa treatments, holistic therapies, peaceful walks and the joy of a good book. Most yoga and spa retreats tend to stick to fairly general forms of yoga that can be modified to all levels, but if you’re looking for something specific then check out Ayurveda Yoga retreats or getaways that feature styles of yoga you already know and love.

The most popular destinations for yoga retreats tend to be peaceful resorts and paradise islands that create the ideal atmosphere for relaxation and balance. From rural manors in the UK to beach retreats in Spain and Greece or Italian escapes in the Tuscan countryside, Me Time Away offers a well-curated collection of yoga retreats that will help you unwind.

If you’re seeking a retreat that will help to balance your body and mind, broaden your horizons, boost your physical wellbeing and connect you to like-minded souls, then you’re in the right place. Yoga retreats offer all of the above and more!

Taking the time out of your busy life to give yourself some serious self-love and me time is one of the best things you can do. These types of retreats provide you the space and tools to detach from your daily duties and tap into your truth and potential, helping to align your values and discover what’s really important for you. Not only will you gain perspective and become more mindful, but yoga retreats also help us press the ‘restart button’, bringing challenge, compassion and connection to our lives.

Me Time Away understands that every soul is unique and that each of us is yearning for something different to suit our personal style. As such, we have collated a selection of yoga retreats so that you can find something special. Whether you’re a fitness bunny or spa seeker, or simply know you need to balance your mind, body and soul in a new way, you’re sure to find a yoga retreat that is right for you.

From the moment you arrive at a yoga retreat booked with Me Time Away you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into serenity itself, with inspiring instructors, blissful yoga shalas, enriching refreshments and a calming atmosphere that all work together to help harmonise your life.

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