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Step into a sacred space of growth, connection and purpose, experiencing spiritual practices and retreats that allow you to question what is, rebalance and find greater meaning in your life.
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Discover horizon-broadening ideas, space for reflection, meditation and movement techniques and a sense of deep interconnectedness during a quiet spiritual retreat. You will be guided through practices that help you understand yourself and your place in the world, help you uncover your purpose and that help you to feel grounded while also feeling truly alive. Restore your authentic self, feel energised in your new knowledge and connections and remind yourself why you live aligned with your personal values and beliefs.

Featured Spiritual Retreats

discover our latest spiritual retreats for groups and individual therapies…
Journey of Release Spiritual Retreat

California, USA

Journey of Release Spiritual Retreat

12 – 20 April 2024

malaysia spiritual retreat

Langkawi, Malaysia

Silent Spiritual Yoga & Meditation Retreat

2-7 June 2024

spiritual retreat in faro, portugal

Faro, Portugal

Spiritual Awakening Yoga & Cultural Wellness Retreat

9-17 Mar 2024

australia retreat godness

Sydney, Australia

A Goddess Spiritual Retreat – Awaken Your Divine Feminine

3-7 Jan 2025

spiritual retreats

Spiritual retreats are available to everyone, no matter what your religious or philosophical beliefs and they provide the space and tools for mental and physical healing. Every style of a retreat is completely unique but this is what enables each participant to gain the clarity and change they are searching for.

You may spend your days taking part in deep transcendental meditation sessions, listening to talks from religious leaders or spiritual guides, detoxing the body to gain mental lucidity, enjoying guided yoga practices or simply having the time and space for serene self-reflection.

At the heart, spiritual retreats are all about enrichment, purpose and connection. Stepping away from your normal life and chores gives you the distance needed to contemplate your life and discover whatever it is you feel is missing.

There are different types of spiritual retreats available depending on your faith or philosophical leanings and what you wish to learn. These are usually peaceful, reflective retreats that make time for meditation, yoga, detoxing, refreshing your values and building connections.

Buddhist Retreats

Most Buddhist retreats welcome people of all faiths and walks of life who want to try out Buddhist meditation techniques and learn the philosophy of being rather than doing. These retreats are mainly based on the teachings of The Buddha and include meditation, yoga and philosophical lectures.

Zen Retreats

Zen retreats give you the tools you need to discover your sufferings in life and learn how to move through them to live a more meaningful, connected, Zen life. These retreats use meditation, yoga and Zen master teachings to help you recapture the true essence of your being and relate to people in a more fulfilling manner.

Christian Retreats

Christian retreats allow you to renew and refresh your love and connection to God through a programme of prayer, mindfulness, bible study and team activities. You and your group will spend time discover the teachings of Jesus and His disciples and learning ways in which you can put these teachings of love into practice when returning home.

In order to make the most of your spiritual retreat it’s best to choose a destination that offers serene surroundings in which to relax and grow. This could be a Greek island, the English countryside, a French or Tuscan villa or even a conscious community in the likes of India or the United States.

Of course, if you wish to learn from a specific spiritual leader then you’ll want to seek out a retreat at which they run courses or trainings. For example, Plum Village in the south of France provides spiritual retreats for those wishing to learn from the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Have you ever felt a niggling sense within you that there must be something more or that your life must hold a deeper purpose? Perhaps you never have the time or space within your daily life to pause and reflect?

Our lives are often filled with myriad to-do lists that make it almost impossible to focus on the present moment and remember what is important. Spiritual retreats give you the space and guidance to connect with your personal beliefs, values and goals while also aligning with the deeper purpose of all beings on Earth.

Our collection of spiritual retreats have been designed with tools that you can take back to your everyday life to stay centred and grounded in your ‘why’ whilst also carrying out your ‘what’.

If you’re struggling to decipher the differences between retreat types or you simply don’t have time to scour through a whole host of retreat websites, Me Time Away can help.

We here at Me Time Away want to offer a clear, easy-to-use website filled with carefully-curated retreats that are run in sustainable, high-end accommodation options. Our spiritual retreats have been chosen with you in mind, making space for open-minded individuals to join together and raise the vibration and consciousness of society while also making connections for life.

Our spiritual retreats are held in spaces we feel are conducive to both growth and relaxation, with nutritious, wholesome meal plans and experienced, qualified retreat coordinators there to lead you through the process.

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