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Treat yourself and your loved one to a nourishing couples retreat as you take time to deeply connect with each other, your emotions and the nature surrounding you.

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Nurture yourself and your relationship with a restorative couples retreat; discovering new ways to connect, heal and hold each other. Allow yourself and your partner to carve out some quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of daily life so that you can tap into each other’s needs and desires more acutely and create a deeper loving, trusting bond. Our couples retreats enable you to try new things and communicate more effectively that will ensure you reap the rewards for many years to come.

Featured Couples Retreats

discover our couples retreats for groups and individual therapies…

6 day holistic yoga retreat in San Diego California

San Diego, California

6-Day Holistic Yoga Retreat for Couples

14 – 19 Mar 2024

5 day the celebration of love couples intimacy retreat

Alsace, France

5-Day “Celebration of Love” Couples Intimacy Retreat

21-25 June 2024

4-Day Couples Fitness and Weight Loss Retreat

Lake Como, Italy

4-Day Couples Connect, Fitness and Weight Loss Retreat

21-24 Sep 2024

12-Day "Relationship Bliss" Couples Lake Retreat
Cheow Larn Lake, Thailand

12-Day “Relationship Bliss” Couples Lake Retreat

1-12 May 2024

couples retreat around the world to bring back togetherness

Our hand-selected couples retreats have been designed with connection at the heart ensuring you and your partner have plenty of time each day to focus on yourselves, your own relaxation and, of course, your relationship. These nourishing retreats offer you the chance to enjoy yoga classes, cookery lessons, calming walking routes and mediation sessions together as well as making space for you to talk and connect more deeply, whether through facilitated communication workshops or simply quality time alone.

Between you, you can decide which sessions will be most valuable to your own self-development and the growth of your relationship so that you can leave the retreat feeling peaceful, connected and balanced.

Couples Yoga Retreats

Re-energise your relationship with a couples yoga retreat, spending dedicated time moving your bodies through blissful flows, healing yoga Nidra sessions and connective breathwork practices. Yoga enables you to tap into your body more intuitively which will in turn allow you to become aware of your needs and feelings. Listen to your inner voice as it speaks your truest desires and then learn to communicate these to your partner.

Couples yoga retreats also allow you to safely push the limits of your body and your boundaries, if you wish; helping each other into new asana postures and leaning into discomfort knowing your partner is there to support you.

Couples Tantra Retreats

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice that is often used to help couples connect more intimately, allowing you both to slow down completely to drop into each other’s energies and emotions. Our specially selected couples tantra retreats help you to feel liberated within yourself and your relationship so that you can embrace both the shadow and the light. Feel enlivened with both traditional and modern tantric practices and take your relationship to a whole new level.

Marriage Retreats

If you are having struggles in your marriage that you’re finding difficult to move through while at home, a marriage retreat might be the answer you are looking for. A safe space for healing and growth, our marriage retreats offer talking therapy, guided couples meditations and curated workshops that will help you move through any sticking points. Expert facilitators will ensure you and your partner can communicate efficiently and effectively while also creating space for you both to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Of course, when creating couples retreats, the destination is paramount, so we have chosen locations that ooze beauty, serenity and support. These calming environs allow you to soak up the scenery, get lost in the symmetry and synergy of nature and lean in to a place of peace so that you can revive yourself and your relationship. Our couples retreat locations range from beachfront resorts to mountainside getaways, and span the globe from Costa Rice to Thailand so you can find a refreshing retreat that suits you!

Do you wish you and your partner had more time to simple be together without having to think about whose turn it is to do the washing up or what the kids’ schedule is looking like? Perhaps you and your partner work on different time frames and you feel like ships passing in the night? Well, a couples retreat could be the perfect antidote.

Our couples retreats are an opportunity for you to switch off from daily to-dos, tapping in to the present moment to connect with your own and each other’s emotions. Carving out quality time together can be difficult but with a focus on rest, connection and tranquillity, our retreats enable you to put your relationship first. Breathe together as you flow through yoga poses, talk more deeply and honestly than ever before and look longingly into each other’s eyes over wholesome meals that will soothe your stomach and your soul!

Me Time Away understands the importance of time, space and serenity for self-development and relationship restoration so we take care to choose retreat locations and schedules that allow travellers to indulge, unwind, heal and grow. Our retreats have been created with you in mind and as such offer a selection of activities that will help you find balance and calm. But, as always, you have the final decision as to how much or how little you wish to partake in. With nourishing food, expert guides, stunning locales and comfortable, modern accommodation, you don’t have to worry about a thing!

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