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Embark upon a transcendent odyssey where the sun’s golden rays illuminate every step of your path. The opulent wellness retreats of Portugal beckon with restorative allure, enveloping you in a cocoon of refined elegance and rejuvenation.

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Lose yourself on a transformative journey in enchanting heartland of Europe. From the tranquil settings of the Archipelago to the sun-drenched beaches of the Mediterranean, Europe has countless wellness experiences designed to leave you in awe of its culturally rich countries. With welcoming locals and exhilarating dishes, you’re in charge of your European wellness break. Seamlessly pairing the beauty Europe has to offer with modern indulgence and luxury, expect metamorphic experiences while feeling nourished and pampered.

Featured Wellness Retreats in Europe

Discover our wellness holidays in European countries for groups and individual therapies…

7-Day Yoga, Hiking & Nature Retreat in Madeira

Madeira, Portugal

7-Day Yoga, Hiking & Nature Retreat in Madeira

3-7 Oct 2023

wine tasting and rejuvenation retreat for couples monopoli italy

Monopoli, Italy

6-Day Wine Tasting & Rejuvenation Retreat for Couples

16-22 Mar 2024

St. Ives, United Kingdom

3-Day Beach Yoga & Meditation in Cornwall, UK 

16-22 Mar 2024

wine tasting & yoga for couples retreat france

Bordeaux, France

5-Day Wine Tasting & Yoga for Couples Retreat

21-26 Sep 2024

Zakynthos, Greece
7-Day Reset & Recharge Women Retreats

21-28 Mar 2024

mindfulness and rebalance retreat in ericeira portugal
Ericeira, Portugal
4-Day Mindfulness Rebalance Retreat in Ericeira, Portugal

21-26 March 2024

creative writing retreat in laon france

Laon, France

8-Day Creative Writing Retreat in Laon House

2-14 Mar 2024

retreat in sintra portugal

Sintra, Portugal

12- Day Emotional Balance & Life Enhancement

16-22 Mar 2024

Portugal flawlessly embodies the essence of tranquillity and wellness. Famed for its nourishing and relaxed take on life and connection, this warm oasis is filled with countless wellness activities and spa breaks that restore and renew. Breathe in the healing powers of the Atlantic Ocean while exploring vine-covered hills and terraces beaming with green. From the golden sandy beaches of the Algarve to the magnificent fishing villages boasting fresh and tasty local cuisine, Portugal is an unmissable backdrop for any wellness retreat centred around luxury and transformative experiences. Containing some of the most revered spa retreats in the world, Portugal seamlessly combines modern indulgence with the magic of history and tradition.

Italy & Tuscany

Overflowing with charming and historical villages that help you slow down and appreciate the simple pleasures of life, Tuscany continuously attracts wellness enthusiasts looking for luxury experiences that combine la dolce vita with modern indulgence. Boasting some of the most delicious cuisines that Europe has to offer, this enchanting and life-changing region of Italy will help you savour the important things in life while nourishing your mind, soul and body. Partake in a fitness retreat amongst the scenic wonders of rolling foothills and thousands of years of history. Lose yourself in a mindfulness session with a stunning backdrop of romantic sunsets and vineyards that make you feel like you’re a world away.


France & Biarritz

Located on the Basque coast, Biarritz seamlessly pairs the charming nature of a quintessentially French town with the profound and dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Featuring state-of-the-art spa and wellness hotels that leave you feeling relaxed, looked after and pampered, this stunning and transformative French wellness destination is ideal for those looking for a wellness retreat focused on spirituality, mindfulness and connection. Littered in cultural hotspots, Biarritz is famed for its food and jaw-dropping waves that attract surfers from all over the world.


Norway & Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands is a wellness destination that people can’t quite believe is real. The scenic archipelago is filled with dramatic and heart-stopping views that are filled with storybook walking trails and historical fishing villages containing mouth-watering seafood and local cuisine. Filled with majestic mountains and untouched ethereal beaches, The Lofoten Islands has the best of both worlds when it comes to a luxury wellness retreat centred around rest and relaxation. Indulge in transformative meditation sessions that leave you feeling calm and at peace or cleanse your body with a detox retreat facilitated by world-class experts with a local approach.


Greece & Corfu

Filled with award-winning wellness sanctuaries that exquisitely combine the charming nature of Greek traditions with contemporary luxury, Corfu is a seaside wellness destination designed to help you achieve a heightened sense of calm and peace. Featuring golden white architecture, ancient remains, sparkling beaches and rugged natural landscape, this Ionian island helps you pause time with its engrossing and captivating atmosphere. Boasting warm weather year-round, Corfu is a hotspot for yoga enthusiasts looking to take part in transformative retreats that combine movement with indulgence.

Couples retreats

Built around connection and healing, couples wellness retreats in Europe are all about experiencing the magic of a new place with someone you love. Bask in the waters of the Atlantic after indulging in a transformative spa day or explore The Dolomites followed by a warm and delicious meal. Healing retreats in Europe help you deepen your bond with your significant other while losing yourself in extravagant accommodations you won’t want to leave.


Mountain retreats

While Europe is filled with varied and wonderful landscapes, there’s no denying the magic that the mountains offer on this awe-inspiring contingent. Take part in a health and fitness retreat in the mountains of the Lofoten Islands or embark on a holistic retreat set against the jaw-dropping backdrop of The Alps. Enjoying being at one with nature while coming home to luxurious and opulent lodgings that are comfortable and go the extra mile. With mountain luxury retreats in Europe, you’ll be filled with countless memories to cherish for years to come.


Relaxation retreats

The best wellness retreats in Europe help you feel invigorated and relaxed. These luxury retreats help you leave behind the stressors of everyday life while you pause time and enjoy the magic that Europe has to offer. Lose yourself in the wonders of Italian cuisine or reconnect with your inner self on Greece’s crystal clear beaches. Whether you choose a relaxing yoga detox retreat in France or a well-being retreat in the foothills of Switzerland, luxury, relaxation and wellness are at the centre of these life-changing retreats that help you achieve inner peace.

Me Time Away partners with the finest selection of luxury retreats Europe has to offer. Whether you’re looking for an extravagant weight loss resort or a nature retreat filled with calming activities outdoors, Me Time Away helps you find a luxury well-being retreat that you’ll never forget. With expert contacts all over Europe, our seasoned team of travel specialists hand-pick luxury wellness experiences that you can trust.

European Retreat Destinations

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