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Feel lighter in your mind, body, and soul with one of our nurturing and encouraging weight loss retreats set in some of the most unique and pristine places around the globe.

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Begin your weight loss journey with one of our nourishing, reassuring retreats that combine nutrition expertise, fun exercise classes and the all-important mindset factors that come into play when thinking about overall health, wellbeing and self-confidence. Whether you’re seeking a boot camp style fitness getaway that is all about discipline and regime or would prefer a calmer, more gentle approach, our collection of weight loss retreats ensure you feel seen and supported throughout. With whole foods, sumptuous smoothies, detox drinks and herbal teas on tap, the menus at our retreats are second-to-none and are there to help you along the way with your weight loss.

Featured Weight Loss Retreats

discover our weight loss and diet retreats for groups and individual therapies…

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Mykonos, Greece

7 Day Cardiovascular Conditioning Bootcamp Retreat

18 – 24 May 2024

Zermatt, Switzerland

3 Day Intensive Weight Loss Treatment Retreat

9-11 August 2024

healthy cooking nutrition retreat
Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

5 Day Detoxifying and Healthy Cooking Weight Loss Retreat

10-14 Jan 2025

La Teste de Buch, France
7 Day Flexibility, Stretching & Relaxation Retreat

17-23 Mar 2024

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Weight loss retreats are getaways that enable you to spend a dedicated amount of time focusing on your own particular health journey with support from caring professionals by your side. These retreats balance personal training sessions with exercise classes and yoga flows as well as giving you plenty of downtime to enjoy nourishing meals and to soak up your beautiful natural surrounds. In addition to fitness classes, you can also reap the benefits of sauna and steam room sessions, pampering spa treatments, group meditations and maybe even talking therapy with expert counsellors who are there to help you break through any mental barriers that are stopping you from achieving your own health goals.

Detoxifying weight loss retreats

If perhaps you’ve overindulged during the festive period or simply feel you haven’t been nourishing your body as you’d like lately, you may be interested in a detoxifying weight loss retreat. These dedicated getaways assist you in purifying your body with healthy meals and drinks and may also use treatments such as colemas, massage and steam room therapy to help flush your system and leave you feeling refreshed. The relaxed retreat schedules ensure you stay on track during your detox while also allow plenty of free time to enjoy yourself with extras such as yoga, reiki and paddleboarding.

Weight loss fitness retreats

For those seeking a more active retreat with lots of cardio and weight training, a focused fitness retreat might be better suited. Weight loss fitness retreats enable you to find a sport or workout you love and to have expert professional trainers on hand to keep you aligned, committed and dedicated to the programme. Whether it’s a Muay Thai boxing retreat, a running or hiking getaway or simply a retreat where you spend a few hours each day hitting the gym, we’re sure to have a fitness retreat that fits the bill!

Ayurveda weight loss retreats

The ancient practice of Ayurveda centres around each person’s individual ‘dosha’, or constitution, and works to create a personalised plan of nutrition and wellbeing treatments to improve your overall health and happiness. With herbal remedies, holistic fitness regimes, an individualised daily diet and dosha-aligned massages, your Ayurvedic weight loss retreat will leave you feeling like you’re floating on clouds.

Gourmet weight loss retreats

Just because you want to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself or live on a diet of detox soup and lemon water! These gourmet weight loss retreats work with expert chefs to create menus that are both nourishing and delicious so that you can enjoy tasty, well-balanced meals in between daily workouts, walks, meditations and treatments. When you know you have a sumptuous meal waiting for you at the end of each session you’re bound to want to burn off a few extra calories in the gym!

Water fasting retreats

If, on the other hand, you know you’d work better without the temptation of tasty treats, then perhaps a water fasting retreat may be the perfect choice for you. These supportive retreats are intense, but they certainly help you see results! Water fasting works to cleanse your mind, body and soul giving you more clarity, aiding with spiritual connection and helping you to lose any remaining stubborn weight that you’re having difficulty shedding.

Weight management retreat

Sometimes we just need to take a step away from daily life to focus on our health and wellbeing, in which case a weight management retreat can come in very handy. These retreats offer you comfortable accommodation, a healthy menu of drinks and snacks and a schedule of health and fitness sessions and treatments to assist you in losing a few pounds (if that’s what you wish) or simply helping to create a routine that works for your own wellbeing. Work alongside a health professional to curate a personalised daily practice that will help you reach your wellness goals.

We have a whole host of weight loss retreats in locations around the globe, from weekend getaways on your doorstep to more exotic retreats in far-flung destinations so that you can really make your fitness trip one to remember! Whether you want to be working out in an outdoor gym in Thailand, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, going cold water swimming off the coast of Scotland or simply spending dedicated time locally enjoying exercise again, we have a weight loss retreat for you.

Have you got a dream weight in mind that you are struggling to get to? Or perhaps you’ve been through a difficult time lately that has left you feeling lethargic, unhealthy or just not really yourself any more? Maybe you find it tough to prioritise your own health and wellbeing with your busy daily schedule and you could really use some devoted time focus on your fitness?

If any of the above are ringing true for you then perhaps a weight loss retreat is exactly what you need!

Whether you want to lose a few pounds or are ready to reach that audacious target you set yourself years ago, our warm, friendly weight loss retreats are calm yet committed environments in which to meet your goals. They give you the space and support you need to focus on your health and have state-of-the-art facilities, expert trainers and qualified therapists on hand throughout – plus they’re often located in blissful destinations too, so what’s not to love?!

Fitness can be a controversial topic with certain schools of thought using brutal tactics to aid weight loss while inadvertently crushing people’s self-esteem in the meantime. Here at Me Time Away we want to do things differently!

We want to ensure you feel safe and supported throughout your weight loss journey so that you can enjoy the experience and achieve results that last. Our weight loss retreats are located in calm, comfortable environments with fun classes, expert teams and wholesome dining options. We’ve chosen them for their nurturing care and hope that you have a nourishing trip of a lifetime!


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