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Nestle your feet in the sand and let the waves lapping at your toes wash away the stress of everyday as you indulge in a relaxing beach retreat.

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There’s nothing quite like looking out at the horizon, listening to the sound of waves kissing the shore. Bringing peace and perspective, beach retreats allow you to breathe in the beauty of your stunning natural surrounds while also focusing on your own personal wellbeing. Fill your lungs with the fresh sea breeze between yoga and meditation sessions before pausing to enjoy a wholesome lunch created using the fresh bounty of your tropical beachfront location.

Featured Beach Retreats

discover our beach and seaside retreats for groups and individual therapies…

weekend tantra kundalini yoga holiday mindfulness retreat
Monopoli, Puglia, Italy
A Weekend Tantra-Kundalini Yoga Holiday & Mindfulness Retreat

15 – 17 Sep 2024

5 day beach fun immersive Mauritian culture yoga meditation retreat in Mauritius

Flacq, Mauritius

5 day Beach Immersive Mauritian Culture, Yoga & Meditation Retreat

8-12 March 2024

private weekend immune boosting yoga holiday
Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
3 Days Private Weekend Immune Boosting Yoga Holiday

8-10 Sep 2024

weekend emotional healing and inner connection meditation retreat
La Teste de Buch, France

A Weekend Emotional Healing and Inner Connection Meditation Retreat

17-19 Jun 2024

beach and seaside yoga and wellness retreats

Our peaceful beach retreats offer you the chance to rest and recharge with a nourishing wellness schedule, while also giving you time to soak in the salty water and take walks on the sand in the between practices. Start your day with morning yoga on the beach, continue with a fresh fruit brunch with new friends and add in extra practices such as journaling, meditation or massage to help you unwind. You could even opt for a detox diet, a fitness regime or a few days of complete silence if that takes your fancy too!

Whatever you need from your wellness getaway, you’re sure to find it on one of our blissful beach retreats.

Fitness Beach Retreats

There’s something about being at the beach, with fresh fruit and smoothies on tap and daily swims top of the schedule that makes you want to make healthy choices. As such, there’s no better location for a fitness retreat that a wonderful beachside resort. Our fitness beach retreats offer you a range of activities including circuit training, aqua fitness, runs on the beach and yoga sessions too, so you can choose the workouts that suit you. Alternatively, you may want to opt for a personal training retreat with a specially curated routine so that you have a dedicated schedule to stick to.

Yoga Beach Retreats

While yoga tends to be a practice in which you turn inward and focus on your body and intuition, there’s no harm in enjoying your asanas in paradise, is there?! Our revitalising beach yoga retreats enable you to practice sunrise and sunset yoga in beachfront shalas, perhaps following your session up with a dip in the sea before a hearty breakfast or brunch. Whether you partake in a private yoga retreat with one-to-one sessions, or join a group yoga retreat, we’re confident you’ll come away with a renewed sense of self and serenity.

Beach Wellness Retreats

Our general wellness beach retreats offer a collection of activities and treatments that are centred around your overall health and wellbeing. With nourishing meals, spa and massage therapies, meditation and yoga practices and plenty of free time to spend on the shore, these getaways are sure to fill your cup back up so you leave feeling restored and rejuvenated.

We have scoured the planet for some of the most blissful beaches in which to host our retreats to ensure you have the opportunity to create memories of a lifetime. With swaying palm trees, golden sands and gentle turquoise waters, our beachside getaways are truly picture-postcard perfect! While you will of course want to spend much of your time technology-free, we’re sure you won’t be able to resist snapping a few photographs of your dreamy destination! Whether Key West, the coast of Costa Rica, the islands of Indonesia or a blustery yet beautiful British beach, there’s bound to be a beach retreat to take your fancy!

Are you one of those people that feels instantly calmer when you can see the sea and hear the tide flowing in and out beneath your feet? If so, a beach retreat is the perfect option for your me time away.

Escape your busy schedule in the city and step into a world of tranquillity with time spent in a beachside villa or hotel. Having a peaceful retreat location allows you to completely switch off and to focus your energy wholly on you, with daily yoga practices, customised wellness treatments, evening fire ceremonies and calming meditations with the seashore as your soundtrack.

Take a stroll on the sand, swim in the ocean whatever the weather and watch the sun go down in your little slice of paradise.

At Me Time Away we believe conscious travel is key and as such we have chosen some spectacular yet sustainable beach retreats for you to unwind and enjoy. With eco-friendly hotels, local staff, picturesque locations and balanced schedules, our beach retreats have been designed to allow you to experience halcyon days without worrying about having a negative impact on the planet.

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