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Fully unwind and relax in the comfort of a serene spa retreat, taking time to cleanse and restore both your mind and body through massage, steam baths and more.

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Nourish your mind, body and soul with a soothing spa retreat combining the elements of tension release, herbal cleanses, mindfulness and meditative movement. Cultivate a sense of calm and connection through specially-selected spa services that have your overall wellbeing at their heart. Take this time to release the worries of day-to-day life and discover the new depths of your soul when you are able to completely unwind. Slow down, allow yourself to be pampered, and uncover your inner potential.

Featured Spa Retreats

discover our spa retreats for groups and individual therapies…

Uppsala, Sweden

4 Day Body Rejuvenation Spa Retreat

18 – 21 June 2024

intensive gong and sound therapy retreat
Algarve, Portugal
3 Day Intensive Gong and Sound Therapy Retreat

9-11 July 2024

Lombok, Indonesia

7 Days Private Therapeutic Spa Retreat

10-16 Nov 2024

luxury spa baths
La Teste de Buch, France

5 Day Mind Purification and Body Detoxifying Spa Retreat

17-21 Jun 2024

spa retreats and their rituals

Spa retreats are the ideal way to combine luxury, health, wellbeing and slowing down to fully rejuvenate a sense of balance and harmony. Held at some of the best spas and therapy centres around the world, our spa retreats provide guests with daily health and beauty treatments, organic, nutritional meals and an array of amenities to use at your leisure.

Most spa retreats also offer yoga classes, fitness sessions and detox programmes so that you can choose a personalised, holistic approach that works for you.

Whether you desire a full body cleanse, need to relax some long-held tension or just require some tranquil me-time to soften into the now, our spa retreats can certainly tend to your needs

Spa retreats are created with relaxation in mind with experienced therapists guiding you through a journey of restoration and recovery. Each of our spa retreats is unique with some providing all-inclusive treatments and others offering a mix-and-match service so you can take things at your own pace.

Pampering Spa Retreats

Pampering spa retreats are what you would imagine when you conjure up an image of a traditional spa getaway. These retreats allow you to indulge in massages, facials, scrubs and steam baths galore letting your stress and struggles melt away. These are the ultimate in relaxing me-time away with herbal teas, decadent yet nourishing culinary delights, aromatherapy rooms and peaceful music allowing your mind to float to another world.

Mineral Spa Retreats

Located at the source of native thermal springs, these spa retreats use the healing power of mineral water to provide guests with a plethora of health benefits. Soak into the warm healing waters allowing the natural hydrotherapy to soothe your aches and pains and rejuvenate your body with the Earth’s pure, organic goodness.

Ayurvedic Spa Retreats

Ayurvedic spa retreats are grounded in the ancient Indian roots of Ayurvedic healthcare that has been practised for over 5000 years. This traditional system helps you to detoxify your body, balance your doshas and heal yourself from chronic and acute pain. Your retreat will include a full consultation, personalised Ayurvedic treatments, nutritional vegetarian meals and full use of spa facilities.

Whether you want to seek out spa perfection nestled in the jungles of Thailand or find tranquillity and calm in California, there’s sure to be a spa retreat that caters to your needs.

Countries the world over have created exquisite spa resorts that blend harmonious architecture with natural surrounds so that you can experience beauty, balance and bliss during your sacred me-time away.

We think some of the best spa retreats are in the most remote locations, like the backwaters of Kerala, the deserts of Utah and the pristine islands of Indonesia.

Do you find yourself being pulled in a hundred directions, never having the time to slow down enough to pause and reflect? Do you know that your body, mind and soul are holding tension but you don’t have the space and serenity around you to allow yourself to lighten the load?

Spa retreats are designed for exactly that. With no rules, regimes, stress or struggles, you have the freedom to feel into your body, listening to its deepest desires and sensing where you need to find space and release.

Our spa retreats have been designed to allow you to soften into stillness with consummate professionals on hand throughout your stay and accommodation that seamlessly blends luxury, light and the natural world to create an environment for tranquillity and healing.

We here at Me Time Away understand the importance of restoration and relaxation in order to show up as our highest selves on a daily basis. This is self-care, not selfish and you are worthy of indulging in some time away every now and again.

That is why we have curated a collection of nourishing retreats the soothe your soul and allow you the time and space you need to feel replenished and refreshed.

Our collection of immersive retreats allow you to connect with nature, nurture your body, release things that no longer serve you and realign with your values. Our spa retreats have been hand-picked to offer you the highest level of service and serenity while also being conscious of sustainability and connection with nature.


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