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Step into paradise, lay down your luggage, indulge in a fresh juice and truly unwind with one of our organised group retreats. These carefully crafted retreats invite your group to relinquish daily busyness and instead opt for adventure, connection, tranquillity or imagination. What would your company/family/friendship/practice look like if you took time out to create it for yourself? How might you interact or spend your time? These retreats allow you to do just that and more.

Enjoy walks on the beach, private yoga flows, family meals and group healing sessions all designed to help you carve out quality time together.

Featured Group Retreats

discover our retreats for groups and group therapies…

6 day holistic yoga retreat in San Diego California

San Diego, California

6-Day Holistic Yoga Retreat for Couples

10-12 Sep 2024

mindfulness and forest bathing retreat

Bavarian Forest, Germany

Mindfulness and Forest Bathing Retreat

2-5 Mar 2024

Kos, Greece
3 Days Private Immune Boosting Relaxation Retreat

21-24 Sep 2024

horse riding retreats in columbia
Bogota Area, Colombia
7-Day Wild Riding Holiday Retreats in Colombia

17-23 Jan 2025

group wellness reterats around the world from healthy food through exercises

Group retreats are private getaways in calm, remote environments where your every need is catered to and your activities tailored to match your desires. Whether you’re a small group looking for an intimate healing retreat or a larger community simply seeking a new location in which to collaborate, our group retreats can be exactly what you make them. Activities such as team building, yoga classes, group hikes, sharing circles, sound baths and art therapy sessions invite a profound sense of creativity and curiosity and the blissful resorts create space for serenity and self-care too.
With the accommodation, meals and activities taken care of, you and your group have all the time in the world in which to kick back, relax, explore and connect.

Corporate Group Retreats

Corporate group retreats are the ultimate way for your colleagues to get to know each other, with a well-curated combination of organised activities and relaxing free time. Whether you have a creative aim in mind that you want to work together on as a group, or you simply want your employees to focus on their own wellbeing, our corporate group retreats can be tailored to your exact needs so that your business can reap the rewards.

Family Group Retreats

Family dynamics are always shifting and developing and certain experiences or times of the year can cause added friction that may lead to breakdowns in relationships or communication. Our group family retreats are private getaways that allow you to bond in the comfort of a neutral location, with specially-designed activities offered to encourage open conversation, healing, positivity and connection.

Group Yoga Retreats

Perhaps you’re planning a getaway with your local yoga group, or you wish to take a holiday with friends that centres around yoga, meditation and wellbeing? Well, our group yoga retreats are the perfect option. These tailored retreats invite you to create your ideal trip, with professional teachers, stunning shalas and meticulously-designed meal plans all working together to form a blissful yoga bubble. You choose how many sessions you want per day, what style of yoga you’d like and how much free time is scattered in between – what could be better?!

Girls’ Holiday Group Retreats

Are you organising a hen do for a friend who loves yoga and wellbeing? Perhaps you and your pals want a girls’ trip but don’t fancy the traditional beach/party vibe? Do you wish you have all the activities offered at an organised retreat without having to share the space with others? Then you’re in the right place! Our group retreats allow you to design the ideal getaway for you and your friends, choosing the exact activities, meals, location and accommodation that suits your style and budget.

Group Wellness Retreats

While wellness is often considered a solo practice, there certainly is something in the power of people when it comes to pushing you out of your comfort zone and achieving your health goals. Group wellness retreats invite you to undertake detox programmes, fitness regimes or meditation practices together with a supportive community around you in order to remain focused and boost each other’s morale along the way.

As group retreats can be tailored to your exact needs, budget, group size and specifications, the world really is your oyster when it comes to choosing a destination. Group hiking retreats could take place in the rambling landscape of the Lake District or the foothills of the Himalayas, group meditation retreats in an Indian ashram or French chateau, group wellness retreats in an Ayurvedic resort in Sri Lanka or the stunning island of Ibiza – the choice is yours!

Do you and your group wish you had more time to connect on a deeper level than you’re currently able to with weekly meet-ups or sporadic family get-togethers? Do you dream of someone taking control of the cooking or activity organisation so that you could focus your time on each other instead? Well, group getaways may be just the ticket.

Whether you’re a work group seeking an inspirational environment in which to enter into a flow state and develop new projects, a family looking for solace and comfort through ancestral healing or intergenerational activities, a yoga group wanting a far-flung getaway or a group of friends searching for something a little different for your next holiday, our group retreats are the perfect option for you!

Switch off your ‘thinking mind’, tap into a state of peace, quiet, creativity and connection, hand over the reins of facilitation to a professional guide and allow yourself and your group to be taken on a journey.

Me Time Away are experts in all things retreats so who better to ask when it comes to curating your perfect group retreat? We believe there is a sweet spot between organisation and relaxation, comfort and sustainability, beauty and practicality and know how to balance your needs with the resort options out there. Get in touch to design your ideal group getaway and let your community know they’re in safe hands!

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