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Savour the joys of silence and simplicity at one of our exclusive luxury retreats offering pristine accommodation, unforgettable experiences, and unparalleled culinary delights.

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Drenched in elegance and secluded serenity, our luxury retreats provide the ideal backdrop for you to indulge in life-enhancing experiences that will leave you feeling in a state of sheer bliss. Whether you want to embark on a path of inner-exploration or simply be pampered and nourished to your heart’s content, our meticulously designed luxury retreats offer everything you need for the getaway of a lifetime. State-of-the-art facilities, unimpaired landscapes, exquisite dining and consummate professional guides work in perfect harmony to create retreat experiences that are second-to-none.

Featured Luxury Retreats

discover our premium retreats for groups and individual therapies…

Santorini, Greece

A Weekend Tantra-Kundalini Yoga Holiday & Mindfulness Retreat

12 – 14 May 2024

intensive spa and massage retreat

La Teste de Buch, France

A Weekend Emotional Healing and Inner Connection Meditation Retreat

23-25 June 2024

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

3 Days Private Immune Boosting Relaxation Retreat

10-12 Sep 2024

horse riding retreats in columbia

Bogota Area, Colombia

7-Day Wild Riding Holiday Retreats in Colombia

17-23 Jan 2025

luxury retreats around the world- various photos

Luxury retreats are specially designed getaways that allow you to fully switch off and relax. Located at some of the world’s top hotels and resorts, our luxury retreats provide exquisite surrounds in which to reset your mind and body with hand-crafted wellness programmes to support your journey. Whether enjoying holistic massage treatments at one of the exclusive spas, taking part in personal training sessions with top-end instructors or stretching out during a peaceful yoga class with a view of a verdant rainforest canopy, you’re sure to have an experience of a lifetime.

At our luxury retreats time is in your hands so it’s completely up to you if you want to fill your schedule with wholesome activities or simply kick back and relax in a hammock with a refreshing smoothie.

Luxury villa retreats

When staying in one of our luxury villas it’s impossible to anything other than unwind! With plush soft furnishings that invite you to lounge and luxuriate, immaculate poolside terraces, private chefs on hand to rustle up a delicious dinner and stunning 360-degree vistas, there’s no better place to appreciate your retreat activities. Detox programmes, yoga and fitness sessions, meditations and sound baths and, of course, plenty of pampering are just some of the services available for you and your group, so take your pick and enjoy!

Luxury yoga retreats

For those seeking refreshing morning yoga flows, restorative yin practices and calming yoga Nidra before bed, all while being surrounded by beauty and grandeur, look no further than our luxury yoga retreats. Set in stylish resorts and hotels in some of the most picturesque locations around the globe, our luxe yoga retreats allow you to practice alongside prominent instructors with breath-taking shalas and spectacular suites to boot!

Luxury wellness retreats

With pampering paramount and your holistic wellbeing at the forefront of the team’s mind, our luxury wellness retreats are the perfect place to fully indulge in the important practice of self-care. The personalised approach each guest enjoys ensures you feel welcomed and cared for throughout your stay, and the sumptuous dining experiences will leave you feeling wholesome and replenished. Our wellness retreats offer a plethora of luxurious wellness activities including hot stone massage, active yoga flows, organic cookery experiences and free time to enjoy the state-of-the-art spa facilities.

Eco-luxury retreats

Balancing indulgent experiences with eco-conscious accommodation, our eco-luxe retreats are nestled in jungles, tucked away in secluded coves and perched atop mountainsides to enable you to soak up the sweeping vistas of the natural world surrounding your property. Each resort has been designed to blend into the environment, made with natural materials and uses local, seasonal produce in the dining experiences to ensure your stay has a minimal impact on the planet. The activities, such as outdoor yoga, forest bathing and walking meditations allow you to entwine yourself with the environment feeling wholly at one with nature.

Luxury couples retreats

Carve out quality time with your loved one and connect on a deeper level at one of our luxury couples retreats. With no need to worry about organisation or whose turn it is to do the washing up, our luxury retreats take care of absolutely everything so that you can focus solely on your enjoyment and your relationship.  Treat yourselves to a couples massage, spend time soaking in the Jacuzzi or steam rooms, flow together with private yoga sessions or take a stroll around the grounds hand-in-hand. Whatever you choose to do, you’re bound to leave the retreat feeling closer and more connected than ever!

Luxury private retreats

The ultimate in exclusivity and personalisation, our luxury private retreats centre everything around you and your needs so that you have the retreat of a lifetime. With opulent suites, quality spa facilities, individual tailored meal plans, a private concierge service and a roster of exceptional activities, our private retreats are second to none. Whether you’re travelling solo or want to design the perfect getaway for yourself and a group of friends, these retreats are fully customisable to suit your needs and desires.

In order to create unforgettable experiences for those seeking indulgence and opulence we have scoured the globe for a collection of the most exquisite and exclusive spa hotels and resorts. Some of our hand-picked luxe destinations include the gorgeous islands of Capri, Mykonos, Bali, The Maldives and Mauritius as well as elegant resorts in the likes of Tulum, the Swiss Alps and regal Jaipur.

Whether you’re searching for a chic coastal spa, an undisturbed jungle retreat, a minimalist property in which to get your mind in order or a natural nook in the heart of the city we have some spectacular luxury retreats to choose from.

If your body is calling out for ultimate pampering in some of the world’s most scenic locations then our luxury retreats are for you. These retreats offer a journey of discovery both in terms of your connection to the pristine natural world around you and to your inner self and do so in a way that it quite unlike other regular retreats.

Rather than generic experiences and accommodations, these luxury retreats go above and beyond to leave an imprint in your heart. Mesmerising locations that allow you to wholly immerse yourself in nature, gourmet dining that nourishes you inside and out, quality facilities with lots of additional little touches and an array of activities that awaken your soul, our luxury retreats enable you to escape from the frenetic pace of daily life and truly slow down.

So, if you need to switch off and reconnect with yourself through nurturing spa treatments, gentle yoga practices, calm meditations, sustaining meals and holistic wellbeing experiences and you want to do so in luxury then these retreats are absolutely ideal.

With wholesome travel and life-enhancing experiences at its core, Me Time Away knows a thing or two about unique wellbeing retreats. We understand that you want to combine both sumptuousness and sustainability, nourishment and excitement, tranquillity and activity, and we think our hand-selected luxury retreats do just that. With modern accommodation options that blend seamlessly with the natural world, premier spa facilities, welcoming, skilled staff and a multi-faceted roster of wellness experiences you’re bound to have the trip of a lifetime.

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