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Connect on a deeper emotional and intimate level with your significant other with quality time spent engaging, enjoying activities together and embracing all parts of each other.

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Open yourselves to new perspectives and heal blocks and barriers that are stopping you from reaching new depths in your relationship with one of our dedicated marriage retreats. With an attentive and caring approach, these focused retreats enable you to connect, communicate and coalesce like never before. Whether you’re engaged and want to build a strong foundation before you tie the knot; are newly married; or have been together for decades, these specialised retreats can cater to your needs with a professional team on hand to help guide you through.

Featured Marriage Retreats

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5 day the celebration of love couples intimacy retreat

Alsace, France

5-Day “Celebration of Love” Couples Intimacy Retreat

21-25 June 2024

intensive spa and massage retreat

La Teste de Buch, France

A Weekend Emotional Healing and Inner Connection Meditation Retreat

23-25 June 2024

4-Day Couples Fitness and Weight Loss Retreat

Lake Como, Italy

4-Day Couples Connect, Fitness and Weight Loss Retreat

21-24 Sep 2024

horse riding retreats in columbia

Bogota Area, Colombia

7-Day Wild Riding Holiday Retreats in Colombia

17-23 Jan 2025

marriage retreats around the world

Marriage retreats are carefully curated getaways that invite couples to carve out quality time together to focus on their relationship and ensure they move forwards in their lives with a stronger, deeper love than ever before. These retreats offer you the space and guidance to work through any issues that are troubling you, or to simply bask in each other’s company with indulgent activities like yoga, massages, spa sessions and gentle hikes. With a dedicated team of therapists and space holders, these peaceful retreats enable you to set aside the hustle and bustle of daily life and truly focus on each other. Whether you need daily talking therapy sessions to work through marriage difficulties or want to create a schedule of soothing personalised sessions that will bolster that warm fuzzy feeling of the honeymoon phase, our marriage retreats can certainly be designed to suit your needs.


Therapeutic couple’s retreats invite you to escape the everyday, stepping away from mundanity and mental stress, and instead focus on your love for each other. With caring, dedicated professional therapists on hand, you can walk through any problems you may be experiencing in your marriage, using talking therapy and other methodologies to voice your issues, understand each other better and work towards a more positive future together.

Tantra & Shibari/ Couples Intimacy

Couples intimacy retreats are ideal for those wishing to delve deeper into their relationships, connections and psyches with meditation, communication, play and discovery all the order of the day. Master the art of Shibari (Japanese rope bondage) with focused yet playful workshops that enable you to communicate your desires and boundaries and to discover a sense of trust and surrender, while tantric philosophies invite you into a space of spiritual expansion and emotional liberation.

Deepen the Relationship

If you feel a need to deepen your relationship, you may wish to embark on a couples marriage retreat that will help equip you with the tools and guidance you need to ask difficult questions; build a sense of love, trust and support; heal yourself from personal blockages; and create new memories together that will form the beginning of this new phase of your relationship. These retreats may include marriage therapy, couples movement and meditative sessions and outdoor activities.


Reconnect with your soul and your sense of inner peace and wonder so that you are, in turn, able to reconnect with your loved one on a deeper, spiritual level. Disconnection is one of the biggest barriers in any relationship and time apart, busy daily schedules and quotidian stressors can culminate in a breakdown in communication that feels impossible to overcome. However, with dedicated time together, intentional conversations, intimate, healing workshops and a shared desire to make things work, you can discover and create reconnection in your rock-solid relationship.

Honeymoon retreats

For a blissful way to continue your wedding high, book yourself a honeymoon retreat getaway with tranquil hikes, serene spa sessions, inviting hot tubs and stunning suites that you can enjoy together. Start your married life in style at one of our world-class resorts, with fun marital activities to enjoy such as couples acroyoga, sunrise beach walks, treehouse massages and champagne breakfasts!

Luxury wellness retreats

If you and your partner enjoy the finer things in life and you want to ensure you spend some quality time together during your marriage, why not treat yourselves to one of our luxury wellness retreats? These indulgent getaways invite you to unwind with healing sound baths, long, lazy afternoons spent in the spa, shoreline dining with your toes in the sand and private couples yoga sessions. With everything taken care of you are free to focus on each other and purely relax

While marriage retreats invite you to look inwards, and thus most of the time will be spent engaging with and enjoying time with your partner, we still want you to soak up some time in a beautiful destination, so we have hand-selected some wonderful locations around the world for our marriage retreats. Whether you fancy cosying up by a fire in a country cabin in Norway, want to take walks on the beach in Seychelles with your loved one while you embrace difficult conversations or would prefer to add some spice to your relationship with a more adventurous getaway (Columbia!), we have some spectacular retreat destinations for you to choose from!

Are you and your partner on the precipice of marriage and want to ensure you begin the next stage of this journey on the right foot? Or perhaps you’ve been married for years but feel you have drifted away from the wholesome, nurturing relationship you once had? Whatever stage you’re at with your relationship, there are always conversations to be had, deeper connections to be made and new experiences to enjoy together and that’s what our marriage retreats are for!

Carve out quality time together with couple’s massages, walks and yoga flows; seek guidance from marriage counsellors to help you navigate any stormy seas; or create vision boards and have open discussions with your partner around what your future holds.

Marriage retreats are a wonderful way to bond with your significant other and realign your values that are so often overlooked in day-to-day life. Make each other, and your relationship, the priority of your time away so that you can leave feeling connected, grounded and in love.

Me Time Away is dedicated to offering exceptional experiences so that you can focus wholly on enjoying your time away and not have to sweat the small stuff! With chic, comfortable, conscious accommodation; welcoming, friendly staff, stunning locations and nourishing dining offerings, our marriage retreats offer sumptuous experiences for all. We want to ensure both you, and the planet, feel nurtured and cared for throughout so try to choose accommodation and activities that have minimal impact on the earth.

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