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Embrace the sounds, sights and smells of nature as you step into your wilderness retreat; reconnecting with the beauty of the great outdoors as well as your beauty within.

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Allow yourself to be guided by the healing powers of nature with a relaxing retreat in one of the most beautiful corners of the globe. Step away from your day-to-day urban life to reconnect with the outside world, putting yourself and nature at the heart of your experience. Immerse yourself in the natural world allowing pristine landscapes and impeccable views wash over you creating calm from within.

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Mindfulness retreat in Portugal

Sardinia, Italy

Yoga, Beach, Walking, Kayaking, Fun & Sun in Sardinia, Italy

22-26 Feb 2024

journey through the senses retreat

Corfu, Greec

Yoga, Mindfulness & Ayurveda Retreat in Corfu, Greece

2 – 5 May 2024

mindfulness and silent walking retreat

Bali, Indonesia

Healing Touch Retreat – Mind & Body Harmony in Bali, Indonesia

18-24 June 2024

mindfulness and forest bathing retreat

Tenerife, Spain

‘Her Sacred Fire’ Women’s Retreat in Canary Island, Spain

2-5 Aug 2024

close to nature reteats

Nature retreats are relaxing and rejuvenating getaways that centre around the beauty and benefits of being in the natural world. It is well known that nature is conducive to our wellbeing and these meticulously-designed retreats allow you to reconnect with the mind, body and soul through practices like walking, yoga, breathwork, forest bathing and mindfulness.

Take time to study the flowing motion of a river or the luminous sun as it sets beyond the hillside, embracing new perspectives and insights that come with calming the mind.

Awaken your wild. Unearth blockages and traumas that have been lying deep within. And let stress and tension melt away as you soak up the tranquillity of nature. 

From active to relaxing, strong to serene, we offer a collection of different nature retreats to soothe your soul. Whether you’re seeking a coastal retreat, want to be up in the mountains or want to bathe yourself in the beauty of a forest, there’s a natural retreat to suit you.

Water-Based Nature Retreats

For many, nothing says refreshing like a dip in the crisp, clear ocean, allowing the waves to wash over you ready to start anew. Let fear, stress and tension melt away with time spent swimming in the sea, focusing on the surf, or paddle-boarding on the calm surface of a lake. Our water-based nature retreats will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated with a new lease of life.

Self-Discovery In Nature Retreats

All-encompassing transformation retreats in nature allow you to take a journey to your true self so that you can ground and grow like never before. Blossom into your own on a healing nature retreat, feeling at one with nature, yourself and the world around you. Experience barefoot movement practices, forest bathing, mindfulness yoga and delicious, nutritional meals.

Nature Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats in nature are the ideal way to get away from it all, soaking up the serenity of the natural world. Gaze out over mountains and lakesides and you ground into your tree pose or listen to the sound or birdsong while ending your morning practice.

Me Time Away’s collection of nature retreats have been chosen for their scenic locations and serene environments that allow guests to switch off and connect with the natural world. Nestle into the nook of a tree to read a book, walk barefoot on warm, sandy beaches, take slow, mindful steps through stunning natural woodland or simply stop to take in the views around you.

Some of the most popular locations for nature retreats include the jungles of Costa Rica, the beaches of The Algarve, the English countryside and the Swiss Alps. Each of these natural world destinations offers a different sensory delight so you can choose the location that speaks to your soul.

Our nature retreats feature sustainable accommodation, immersive activities and expert guides which is why they’re some of the most popular nature getaways.

Do you dream of being out in wild open spaces? Allowing your mind and body to be free? Maybe a retreat in nature is calling your name.

It is scientifically proven that spending time in nature helps reduce anxiety and that being surrounded by plants and stimulating natural scenes improves our overall mental health, so a nature retreat may be exactly what you need to help reconnect with yourself and with the present moment.

Escape from the stress and struggles of work and home life with sunrise yoga sessions, walks in nature, massages with a soundtrack of skylarks and al fresco dining with a menu of dishes made from organic local produce.

Our ethos here at Me Time Away centres around premium wellbeing experiences, sustainable travel practices and connecting with natural environments in a healthy and responsible way. This is why you can book a nature retreat with us with confidence, knowing we care as much about the world and your wellbeing as you do.

Our immersive nature retreats ensure you tread lightly on the Earth while also reaping the rewards of its soothing, healing energy.

We can connect you with some of the world’s best resorts and retreats that offer mindful, respectful programmes that will ensure peace and personal development.

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