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Exclusive, tailored and wonderfully intimate, private retreats allow you to create a whole world around your own personal healing to ensure you reap the rewards of some dedicated me time away.

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Private retreats invite you to prioritise your own wellbeing above all else with the possibility of meticulously designing a retreat schedule that suits you down to the ground. Whether you want a jam-packed schedule that allows you to delve into a wide range of healing modalities or would prefer plenty of downtime in which to simply relax by the pool, the choice is yours. Simply let us know what you’re looking for from your time away and your retreat organisers do the to create a getaway that is unforgettable. From meditation and yoga to art therapy, forest bathing, sound healing or intense workouts private retreats can include absolutely anything you want!

Featured Private Retreats

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tulum private wellness retreat

Tulum, Mexico

6-Day Healing Wellness Retreat with Yoga in Tulum

14 – 20 Mar 2024

celebration of love private couples intimacy retreat

Alsace, France

5-Day “Celebration of Love” Couples Intimacy Retreat

21-25 June 2024

the feminine way private yoga therapy and tantra retreat in lombok indonesia

Lombok, Indonesia

10-Day The Feminine Way Private Yoga Therapy and Tantra Retreat in Lombok

21-24 Sep 2024

personal recharge and destress retreat in tenerife spain

Tenerife, Spain

7-Day Personal Destress and Recharge in Tenerife, Spain

1-12 May 2024

private retreats - examples

Private retreats are completely personalised healing holidays that are exclusively designed around your needs and desires. They can be tailored around your budget, style, preferences and length of time available so that you can undergo a journey of self-discovery and wellness like no other.

Whether you want one-to-one yoga lessons, private career and life coaching, a personal nutrition and wellness plan or a whole roster of wellbeing activities that will nurture you from the inside out, our private retreats cater to your every wish.

Escape the mundane and indulge in a rejuvenating experience for both the mind and body, as you embark on a voyage of self-discovery while immersing yourself in a novel destination or luxuriating in the lavish amenities of a resort. Your secluded sanctuary is yours to shape to your liking, thus offering an abundance of possibilities and opportunities for exploration. The world truly is your oyster!

Private Yoga Retreats

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of discovering the art of yoga but are a complete beginner and thus don’t want to join a group retreat? Or perhaps you already have a regular practice but want to dive deeper into your journey with yoga on a one-to-one basis? Whatever your desire, our private yoga retreats allow you to create a retreat schedule that fits the bill. Tailor your retreat to the styles of yoga you like; spend time learning about yogic philosophy; or take your yoga practice to the beach, mountains, backwaters and beyond – you really do have free reign!

Private Couples Therapy Retreats

Couples therapy can be quite intense and emotional so a private retreat that allows complete intimacy, privacy and confidentiality can be the ideal choice. Create a space of safety and serenity in which to become truly vulnerable and open with your partner, allowing the therapy sessions and complementary practices to help you break through personal blockages and find a sense of healing and harmony together.

Private Detox and Fitness Retreats

If you want a total health transformation, then a private detox and fitness retreat may be the optimal option. An exclusive, personalised health retreat allows you to create a completely tailored schedule around your needs, ensuring that there are no distractions to lead your away from your goals. The meal plan, detox schedule and workout roster can be 100% customised to you and the retreat team can work in a way that will ensure you reap the most rewards. Whether a hard-line bootcamp is your kind of style or you prefer a gentler approach, the choice is yours.

Private Ayurveda Retreats

By its very nature, Ayurveda is a personalised, private practice as each Ayurvedic retreat begins with an individual health consultation that defines your personal ‘dosha’ and a package of treatments is then created to help rebalance and restore your health to tip-top condition. Our private Ayurveda retreats offer the added bonus of having your own space in which to relax, with spa services, yoga classes and tranquil corners of the retreat available for kicking back with a herbal tea and a good book!

As you are creating every inch of your private retreat you have full sovereignty over your destination too. Many people designing their own private retreats like to opt for high-end resorts and spa hotels as well as luxury villas or even a luxe private island! You can then choose whether to experience the retreat solo or bring a few friends along.

Popular destinations for private retreats include the Caribbean, Thai Islands, India, Joshua Tree, California and the Cornish Coast in the UK to name a few but as we said before, the choice really is all yours!

Do you love the idea of going on a retreat but can never find a trip that ticks all of your boxes? Perhaps you want to experience healing practices like yoga, meditation and reiki but don’t want to take part in a group activities? Or maybe you’re a well-known face and would prefer a bit of exclusivity when taking some much-needed me time away?

We don’t even need to know your reason for wanting a private retreat, all we need is a list of your preferences and desires and we’ll do the rest!

Private retreats take care of all the logistics so that you can focus on your own wellbeing. With refined accommodation options, consummate professional staff and guides, nourishing dining experiences and quality spa services you’ll know you’re in excellent hands every step of the way.

Me Time Away live and breathe retreats and as such know all the best resorts, spas, teachers, practitioners, chefs and counsellors that help make a private getaway unforgettable. We pride ourselves on creating balance and bliss for each of our travellers so that you have a retreat of a lifetime. We know the importance of style and sustainability, comfort and culture, health and harmony and work tirelessly with our partners around the globe to design incredible experiences every time.


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