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Develop your Pilates practice, connect with other like-minded individuals, tap into your body’s strength and power, and generally feel revitalised and refreshed with one of our dedicated Pilates retreats. With expert tuition, daily practices, nourishing culinary offerings and plenty of free time to relax, our Pilates retreats are the perfect getaway for you to combine fitness and fun. Hosted at some of the world’s most beautiful resorts, these Pilates retreats enable you to practice in style, with studios overlooking the ocean, inspiring sessions and support and encouragement to allow you to reach new levels in your practice.

Featured Pilates Retreats

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pilates retreat zagreb croatia 7 day

Zagreb, Croatia

7 Day Rejuvenating Yoga and Pilates Retreat

12 – 19 May 2024

pilates retreat in morocco mountains

Atlas Mountains, Morocco

5 Day Classic Pilates Retreats in North African Mountains

16 – 20 Aug 2024

california womens fitness bootcamp retreat

California, USA

7 Day Women’s Only Fitness & Pilates Bootcamp

10-16 Jan 2025

Bari, Italy

5 Day Rebalance and Thrive Women’s Movement Retreat

17-21 Feb 2025

pilates exercises at various retreats

Pilates retreats are specialised getaways that centre around the fitness practice of Pilates with accompanying activities and treatments such as yoga, massage, meditation and communal dinners that allow you to have a wholesome, well-rounded experience.

With daily Pilates sessions focusing on certain postures and techniques as well as additional free time to enjoy your surrounds and the company of new friends, our Pilates retreats are run by experienced teachers who will nurture you in your practice and allow you to come away with a deeper knowledge of Pilates, a renewed sense of wellbeing and memories of the trip of a lifetime.

Each day will have an engaging roster of wellness activities and you can choose whether you partake in all of them or just pick and choose the ones that suit your mood on the day!

Pilates Bootcamp retreat

If you want to hit it hard with expert teachers on hand to crack the whip, then a Pilates Bootcamp Retreat is for you! These fun, energetic retreats focus around regular, high intensity sessions that will leave you feeling stretched out, strong, toned and lean. Daily Pilates reformer workouts, group fitness sessions, nourishing meal plans and soothing massages all balance to create a health holiday of a lifetime!

Yoga & Pilates

For those who love stretching, strength and serenity, look no further than our wholesome yoga and Pilates retreats. These retreats are ideal for those who already enjoy the practices of yoga and Pilates as well as those who haven’t found their favourite fitness style yet but think they’d enjoy the combination of movement and breathwork that these practices offer. With daily workout sessions and flows, calming massages, fresh juices and smoothies and a group of fellow fitness bunnies you’re sure to have a trip to remember.


Leave the frenetic pace of city life behind as you relax and unwind with a Pilates and Meditation retreat combining morning poolside Pilates sessions and afternoon mindfulness meditations that will leave you feeling light, connected and content. Set in scenic surrounds, these retreats have been specially selected to help you find peace within and the daily movement and meditation practices will ensure you find a deeper connection with your mind, body and soul.

Get in Shape Retreats

Where better to get in shape than at a luxury Pilates retreat, with palm trees swaying by your side, spectacular studios and spa at your disposal and a group of supportive teachers and attendees as your fellow cheerleaders? Our Get In Shape retreats centre around health and wellbeing with nutritional meal plans, daily Pilates sessions, optional additional gym workouts and detox programmes and, of course, plenty of free time for you to soak up the sun! What’s not to love?!

Pilates is a much-loved practice all over the world so there are a plethora of destinations to choose from when it comes to specialised Pilates retreats. From the Californian coastline to the shores of sunny Koh Samui and beyond, our hand-selected Pilates retreats are sure to blow you away. With sustainable accommodation, stunning terraces on which to enjoy your Pilates practices and dining experiences based around delicious local produce, our Pilates retreats are second to none

Do you wish you had more time to dedicate to keeping fit? Perhaps you’re seeking a solo adventure and would love to connect with like-minded souls? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to go on a retreat but want it to be centred around a practice you already know and love?

Whether you’re a Pilates fanatic who wants to deepen your practice or are a total novice but think you’ll enjoy the strength and suppleness that Pilates can provide, our specialised Pilates retreats are the perfect way to combine holiday luxuries with fitness-focused activities.

Pilates retreats allow you to listen to and nurture your body in new ways, learning how to safely push the boundaries of your strength and flexibility in a supportive environment while also having plenty of time to kick back and relax too! Daily Pilates sessions will keep you fit, focused and grounded, while complementary activities such as yoga, massage and forest bathing will ensure you have a restorative retreat experience.

Me Time Away knows a thing or two about curating memorable retreat experiences, so you’ll be in safe hands when choosing the right Pilates retreat for you. Whether you want a mountainside getaway, a coastal retreat or a short city break that combines your passions of fitness and wellbeing, we’ve got you covered. We only work with the finest resorts, the most experienced teachers and the most delicious, nutritious dining so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

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