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Indulge all five of your senses as you unwind at one of our boutique retreats, enjoying hand-crafted experiences and luxurious accommodation.
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Step into a world of elegance and unforgettable experiences at one of our welcoming boutique retreats. Each of our specially selected retreats is a place to relax, restore and rejuvenate with chic accommodation, exquisite, wholesome dining and carefully curated activities that will leave you feeling light and refreshed. Our eco-conscious hotels place an emphasis on having a low impact on their surroundings, leaving you to simply enjoy the stunning natural environ as you go about your day.

Featured Boutique Retreats

discover our private boutique retreats for groups and individual therapies…

discussion and talking therapy

Krakow, Poland 

3 Day Discussion Practice Private Boutique Retreat

9-11 December 2023

yoga and meditation
Algarve, Portugal

6 Day Meditation and Slow Yoga Flow Boutique Retreat

7-12 July 2024

cave retreat central america

Tulum, Mexico

7 Days Cleansing and Smudging Rituals Retreat

9-15 July 2024

Santorini, Greece

A Weekend Release Your Old Baggage- Inner Connection Meditation Retreat

12-14 April 2024

Our boutique retreats are smaller more intimate getaways located at some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts offering a combination of high-end lodgings, sumptuous meals, welcoming, friendly staff and expert experience guides who will ensure you have some memorable me-time away. With spa services, personalised yoga and meditation offerings, fitness suites and unbelievably beautiful locations, our boutique retreats are second to none. As well as tailored experiences for each individual, our boutique retreats also provide plenty free time so you can seek out one of the picturesque nooks and crannies and nestle down into a hammock or armchair with smoothie, herbal tea or simply a good book!

Boutique Yoga Retreats

Created with world-renowned yoga teachers at exclusive resorts around the globe, our boutique yoga retreats provide spectacular locations in which to practice your downward-facing dog! Flow through Hatha and Vinyasa practices on your hotel terrace overlooking the ocean, connect inwards with evening yoga Nidra sessions and nourishing your body and soul with delicious drinks and meals throughout.

Boutique Ayurveda Retreats

Ayurveda is an ancient alternative medicine system that works with your individual ‘dosha’ or constitution to help keep you balanced, happy and healthy. Our boutique Ayurveda retreats begin with tailored consultations to define your dosha before offering a personalised retreat schedule with your wellbeing in mind. Your holistic schedule may include Ayurvedic massage, Shirodhara oil therapy, an individualised detoxification diet and yoga and meditation sessions to help you cleanse and feel connected and refreshed.

Boutique Detox Retreats

If you’re looking to hit the reset button on your health and wellbeing then perhaps one of our boutique detox retreats is exactly what you’re after. With beautiful accommodation and picturesque outlooks, there’s no better place to relax and refresh than one of our tropical resorts. These boutique detox retreats cater to your every need with coconuts, juices and cleanses designed to revitalise your system and spa treatments and yoga sessions to help you rebalance.

With boutique retreats, location is key so we have hand-selected getaways in dreamy destinations such as California, Cornwall and Cape Verde for your enjoyment. From secluded beaches and unique jungle hideaways, to exquisite chalets with stunning mountainside vistas, there’s sure to be a boutique retreat that fits the bill. Each of our retreat locations is chosen for its connection to nature and we always ensure that our hotels and resorts feature a plethora of vantage points from which to soak up the views. Whatever time of year you wish to travel and whatever the weather you’re seeking, we no doubt have a trip for you.

Are you looking for a getaway of a lifetime that offers pure indulgence and enjoyment? All too often we’re racing around the hamster wheel of life without pausing to connect with ourselves and the beauty of nature around us. With everything taken care of, our boutique retreats are the ultimate me-time experience allowing you to completely switch off and soak up your surroundings. Take walks along the golden sand, let your muscles and mind relax with a blissful aromatherapy massage, enjoy heart-opening yoga flows with experienced teachers and dine on mouth-watering dishes created with local, seasonal produce. These retreats offer the perfect escape from the everyday so if you’re looking to go inwards, indulge, unwind and truly nourish yourself, these may well be the retreats you’ve been looking for.

When choosing a Me Time Away retreat you can be sure you’re staying somewhere that considers its guests, the environment and the planet top priority. Our low-impact, eco-conscious properties feature sustainable materials, renewable energy where possible and provide jobs for local residents too. The calming natural environments are often secluded and of course serene, with stunning surrounding scenery to boot!

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