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Create a transformative corporate retreat for yourself and your colleagues, unlocking your team’s full potential beginning your journey towards a more productive, engaged, and inspired workplace.

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Take a break from the daily grind and recharge with our inspiring and innovative corporate retreats. Our retreats offer the ideal blend of relaxation, team building, and personal growth to boost productivity, creativity, and team morale. Picture yourself surrounded by nature, engaging in fun and challenging activities, and building strong relationships with your colleagues – who doesn’t want that for their team?! Discover new ways of connecting and collaborating so that your team feel empowered, encouraged and engaged, the perfect recipe for success and longevity!

Featured Corporate Retreats

Discover our corporate retreats for groups and individual therapies…

kayaking corporate retreat in maldova
Criuleni, Moldova

4-Day Corporate River Kayaking Retreat in Moldavian Natural Park

4 – 8 Sep 2024

corporate historical sightseeing retreat in england
Canterbury, United Kingdom

4-Day Corporate Mindfulness and Sightseeing Retreats in England

4-8 Oct 2024

corporate retreat in saturnia tuscany italy

Tuscany, Italy

3-Day Corporate Pilates & Wellness Retreat with Italian Cuisine

21-26 May 2024

hiking corporate retreat in slovenia

Maribor, Slovenia

3-Day Corporate Hiking Retreat in The Ancient Woodlands of The Pohorje Hills

18-21 June 2024

various corporate retreat

Corporate retreats are a great way for organisations to invest in their team’s wellbeing, professional development, and company culture leading to staff feeling rewarded, valued, heard and connected. Our corporate retreats offer a variety of activities such as team building exercises, leadership training, workshops, and outdoor adventures such as kayaking, yoga, hikes and wine tasting. You can expect to strengthen relationships, improve communication, and both you and your team will return to work feeling recharged and motivated.

You can choose an out-of-the-box corporate retreat offering that provides tried and tested activities to boost morale and motivation or design a getaway tailored specifically to your company and needs.

Our retreats offer a wide range of benefits that go beyond just team building. You’ll have the opportunity to develop new skills, gain fresh perspectives, and build lasting relationships with your colleagues. Our expert team of facilitators will guide you through a series of engaging and challenging activities designed to promote collaboration, creativity, and personal growth. Plus, our retreats take place in scenic locations, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation and inspiration.

We offer a variety of corporate retreats tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re looking for a team building retreat, a leadership development retreat, or a wellness retreat, we have something for everyone. Our retreats range from one-day programmes to multi-day stays, so you can choose the duration that suits your schedule and objectives.

Mindfulness and Meditation Retreats

If the goal of your corporate retreat is calm, clarity and inner connection, then a corporate mindfulness and meditation retreat might be the ideal option for your group getaway. These retreats focus on teaching participants the quiet art of mindfulness alongside meditation and breathing techniques that will help your team members quiet their minds, manage stress, and improve focus.

Health and Wellness Retreats

We know the important of health and wellbeing in and out of the workplace so why not treat your team to a wellness retreat to soothe their minds, bodies and souls. These retreats focus on helping participants improve their physical and mental health, with activities such as yoga, fitness classes, spa treatments, and healthy eating workshops.

Team Building Retreats

Team building retreats are a classic for corporate trips and events, with activities designed to help teams strengthen their relationships, improve communication and trust, and focus on creativity and collaboration. Activities may include traditional team-building exercises like 9 dimensions, life maps and scavenger hunts, as well as team sports, outdoor adventures and group discussions.

Leadership/Executive Retreats

Designed to help senior executives and those in leadership roles to develop their skills or collaborate to problem solve, these retreats centre around workshops, presentations and one-on-one coaching sessions while also offering downtime for team-members to network and connect. Topics and activities may include strategic planning, goal setting, compassionate communication, decision making and professional development.

Creativity Retreats

If your business needs new ideas to help innovate product development or move the company in a different direction, then a creativity retreat might be just the ticket! These retreats focus on inspiring creativity and innovation among participants with art workshops, brainstorming sessions, journaling, group discussions and team improv to help get the creative juices flowing!

Digital Detox Retreats

Digital Detox Retreats are a wonderful way to invite your team to connect on a deeper, more human level while also allowing everyone dedicated time away from their desks (and the influx of emails that come with being ‘on’ all the time!). These retreats encourage participants to disconnect from technology and focus on personal growth and development, with mindfulness exercises, yoga, and a range of inspiring outdoor activities.

We offer corporate retreats in some of the most scenic and inspiring locations around the world, including mountain resorts, beachfront properties, and secluded wilderness lodges. These destinations offer a unique opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with nature, yourself, and your colleagues. Some of our most popular destinations include Colorado, Hawaii, and Costa Rica, the French Alps and the picturesque Lake District right here in the UK.

Whether you’ve been tasked with organising a corporate retreat or you’re the CEO of a business wanting to sign off on an unforgettable trip for your team, please know that you’re in excellent hands here at Me Time Away. We have dedicated years of hard work researching the best of the best when it comes to retreat accommodation, activities and professional guides and have hand-selected a collection of trips that we know will serve and soothe every individual that embarks on them. With sustainable hotels and resorts, welcoming staff members, nourishing dining options and a roster of interesting and inspiring workshops and sessions, absolutely everything is taken care of!

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