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Immerse yourself in the outstanding beauty of Cumbria while bathing in the quintessential British experience and cherishing the gift of wellness.

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Say a generous “yes” to a weekend or a week-long wellness retreat in Cumbria: the green heart of England, where the lush verdure meets vast coastlines and heritage villages. Go on a transformative hike along the profuse hills of England’s highest mountains or indulge in a peaceful restoration by the lakeland or the enchanting seaside. Elevate your experience with a luxurious accommodation that blends hospitality excellence with a nature-inspired feel.

Featured Retreats in Cumbria

Discover our Cumbrian countryside wellness holidays for groups and individual therapies…

3-day nature breath weekend retreat, lake district cumbria
Lake District, Cumbria, UK

3-Day Nature Breath Weekend Retreat

6-8 Sep 2024

Kendal, Cumbria, UK

6-Day Nutrition, Health and Wellness Retreats

12-17 Oct 2024

5-day nervous system connection retreat for couples windermere cumbria.webp
Windermere, Cumbria, UK

5-Day Nervous System Connection Retreat for Couples

7-11 January 2025

4-day relaxing rejuvenating yoga retreat ulverston cumbria
Ulverston, Cumbria, UK

4-Day Relaxing & Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat

11-14 February 2025

cumbria retreats - examples

Cumbria is the home to some of the most beautiful national treasures in England, including The Lake District, The North Pennines, Eden Valley, and a section of the Yorkshire Dales. This makes the perfect backdrop for a truly rejuvenating and enriching holiday in Cumbria, where an assortment of treatments and activities unfold with the pace of nature. Tucked away from the rest of England and with only a small population, Cumbria carries an unmistakable intimacy to retreat, relax and recite stories of connection and wellness rebirth.

Located in the most North-Western part of England, Cumbria is a postcard example of heavenly beauty manifested onto the serene nature. From exploring the ancient site of Hadrian Wall to swimming and paddle-boarding in the Lake District, there is an abundance of activities. After a wholesome day, retreat to your intimate accommodation that takes after British architectural heritage and enjoy a mouth-watering meal.

The Lake District

16 lakes spread across the mountainous hills of the Lake District to create a tapestry of sublime beauty that only nature can render with such acumen. Immerse yourself in this piece of heaven for a truly rejuvenating experience during your retreat in Cumbria. From engaging in water sports and lakeland views to hiking the verdant hills of the Lake District, this region has a lot to offer for your abundant stay.

The North Pennines

The North Pennines is one of Cumbria’s most sacred places. In 1988, it was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) due to its vast heather moors and idyllic peatlands scenery. The area boasts off with placid river streams, wondrous woods, distinctive flora and fauna, and welcoming local communities that make for a homey and heart-warming rural holiday in Cumbria.

The Eden Valley

Surrounding the river Eden, the Eden Valley is a true haven of pastoral calm and serenity located between the Pennines and the Lake District. Home to superb lush greenery and sandstone villages dating back to Viking times, the Eden Valley offers a fusion of relaxing scenery and unmistakable tradition. Soak in the heritage of 13th-century buildings in towns such as Penrith and Appleby, explore the Settle to Carlisle Railway scenic route, and bask in the calmness and tranquillity that the surroundings bring about during your wellness retreat in Cumbria.

Women’s retreats

Just like the seasons change within the beautiful surroundings of Cumbria, so do our bodies go through natural rhythms that follow the unfolding of divine creation. To honour our cyclical nature as women, Cumbria hosts a number of female-only retreats. They are designed to reconnect you with the power within while listening to the wisdom of Mother Earth and immersing you in a fusion of mindful, active, and connecting practices.

Hiking and yoga retreats

Cumbria provides the perfect backdrop for an active retreat. Days filled with reviving and profound hikes along the green paths that surpass picture-perfect meadows and streams, followed by nights of restorative yoga practices and soul-nourishing meals in the warmth of a cozy accommodation and pleasant company. This is a truly rejuvenating experience amongst Cumbria’s heavenly surroundings.

Mindfulness retreats

Nothing beats the calming and lulling vistas of Cumbria that envelop you in a serene transcendence of inner peace and contemplation. Whether you’re greeting the morning sun by the placid waters of a lake and breathing in the joy of stillness or joining a group meditation with healing sounds, a mindfulness retreat in Cumbria will bring your harmony and inner contentment.

Me Time Away meticulously curates the wellness retreats featured on our platform, putting an emphasis on luxury to ensure a remarkable wellness retreat experience from the moment you set your eyes on a retreat destination to the moment you box your cherished memories for years to come. Since we’re based in the UK, we possess a deep understanding of what makes a truly Cumbrian experience, enabling us to select retreats that truly match your expectations., Through our meaningful partnerships with retreat organisers and suppliers who strive for excellence, just like we do, we ensure your wellness holiday is in the safe hands of experts who are true to their craft.

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