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Retreat to a wellness transcendence in the heart of rural England or along the idyllic coastline overlooking the North Sea, enveloped in a luxurious yet authentic feel.
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Immerse yourself in the history of England told through the viridescent land and the quaint ambience of charming villages and coastline treasures at your dream retreat in England. Whether you are staying in an intimate cottage nestled in the countryside or a cabin overlooking the vast coastline, the quintessential English atmosphere will inspire you to take a plunge into deep restoration and soul-rejuvenating activities such as writing, yoga and silent meditation.

Featured Retreats in England

Discover our English countryside wellness holidays for groups and individual therapies…

4 day healing discovery retreat in england

 Cornwall, England, UK

4 Day Healing Discovery Retreat in England, UK

16 – 19 Sep 2024

5 Day Countryside Couple’s Wellness Retreat, England UK

Somerset, England, UK

5 Day Countryside Couple’s Wellness Retreat

2-6 Oct 2024

3 day awaken women's autumn retreat

Kent, England, UK

3 Day Awaken Women’s Autumn Retreat

26-28 Oct 2024

5 day relaxing rejuvenating pilates retreats in knaresborough

Yorkshire, England, UK

5 Day Relaxing & Rejuvenating Pilates Retreats

4-7 March 2025

England Retreats. Example.

Retreating in England is like a dream escape into paradise locked in time, where the irresistible serenity of rich landscapes transcends you into divine restoration. The green hills and bountiful valleys only expand your consciousness while the calming sounds of nature take you deeper and deeper into a state of wellness and gratitude.

England’s diverse counties offer a wide range of vistal, from the lush greenery of Oxfordshire to Cumbria’s iconic Lake District known for its ribbon lakes and mountainous verdant hills to the inviting shores of Cornwall.

There, among the picture-perfect scenery, are nestled buildings in traditional architecture that boast a home-like feeling and a desire to experience a truly regal treatment that fuses tradition with wellbeing excellence.

The Lake District

England’s largest national park and officially a world heritage, The Lake District, captivates with its 16 lakes dotted across Cumbria’s rolling mountains. With the crystal-clear waters rippling against their banks, the lakes invite you to take a retrospective look into your inner world and travel from the captivating scenery to your personal odyssey. For those who wish to take the more adventure-packed road, there is an abundance of kayaks and boats offering you an exploration through movement, making the Lake District the perfect spot for a wellness retreat in England.


Somerset is a historic county in the South East of England that carries an archaic history blended with stunning nature and memorable architecture. The county is home to the Roman Baths in Bath, dating back to 70AD and marking the start of wellness retreat culture in England. Alongside thermal heaven, Somerset offers an indulgence in the enlivening views of its wildflower meadows, sandy beaches, and the iconic landmark Glastonbury.


Devon is a county where the wilderness of the countryside meets with the mysticism of the ocean to create the idyllic backdrop for a time of release, calm, and tranquillity that only a holiday in England can offer. From the purple heathers blossoming across the rolling hills of Dartmoor National Park to the secluded beaches, inviting woodland and seascape vistas will charm you into relaxation and creativity.


Right next to Devon is nestled Cornwall – the mecca of golden sandy beaches and wild moorland that forms a lucrative peninsula in the South West of England. Tucked away from the rest of the country, this paradise encapsulates fishing villages, lush woodland, and breathtaking landmarks designed to melt your worries away under the spell of the luminous sun during your holiday in England.

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire truly nourishes your heart and soul with its rich ensemble of picturesque vistas, hidden gems and iconic landmarks that facilitate a unique stay in the largest county in the North East of England. From the Yorkshire Dales that encompass photographic moors, hills, valleys, and ancient villages to the landmark city of York to the amiable coastal towns of Scarborough and Whitby that charm with their friendly atmosphere and seaside heritage, North Yorkshire is a true haven for a retreat in England.

Eco retreats

The abundance of breathtaking nature in England creates the perfect backdrop for foraging a connection with the land. Succulent accommodations tucked away in the countryside or right at the shore offer access to vast farmlands that can be incorporated into eco-conscious workshops and mindful activities to help you rekindle your life force and foster a positive relationship with nature.

Active retreats

With so much nature to roam around, hills to tackle, and divine waters to explore, action-packed retreats are very popular in England. Channel your inner adventure wanderer and take a deep dive into the wellness benefits that movement therapy offers. Whether you join a positive-spirited hiking group or indulge in a restorative yoga practice by the lakeside, an active retreat in England will breathe new life force into your mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual retreats

England has long been known for its spiritual roots tracing back to Celtic practices. A spiritual retreat in England will reconnect you with the divinity of the land to help you instil more magic in your heart and in your life. Through women’s circles built on connection, gratitude journals, and preparing herbal mixes to aid your ritual practices, you will form sacred bonds and open up to more enchantment in your life while healing past wounds and restoring your vitality.

Writing retreats

England boasts off with a rich assortment of astute writers, from William Shakespeare to Jane Austen. That, fused with the awe-inspiring scenery, serene accommodation and a variety of restorative wellness practices, makes for the perfect setting for a writing retreat in England.

Me Time Away is all about curating bespoke retreats that appeal to the various needs of our customers. That’s why we strive to offer you a wide selection of retreat options in each destination so that everyone can genuinely experience the joy of wellbeing in a way that’s comfortable for them. Based in the UK, we are connoisseurs of everything British, therefore, our mission is to match you with a quintessentially English retreat experience that is imbued with authenticity, opulence, and a nourishing vibe at its core. We have exclusive connections with suppliers and retreat organisers who share the same values as us when it comes to facilitating a truly luxurious and state-of-the-art retreat experience. With Me Time Away and our partners, your wellbeing and vitality are in safe hands!

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