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Step into the unrefined beauty of Scotland, the land of mountain and mist, where the idyllic coastline meets the magic of the ridge, welcoming you into a personal oasis of wellbeing.
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Let the enchantment of the land and the ancient stories take you on an unforgettable experience during your wellness retreat in Scotland, while embracing slow travel.

From hiking the lush green slopes of the Scottish Highlands to contemplating the charming lochs dotted across the serene landscape to doing yoga at the dazzling beach, Scotland has plenty of opportunities for a truly relaxing wellness retreat, promising cherished memories for years ahead.

Featured Retreats in Scotland

Discover our Scotland countryside wellness holidays for groups and individual therapies…

3-day de-stress & relax retreat in perth and kinross

Perth and Kinross, Scotland, UK

3-Day De-stress & Relax Retreat in Scotland

11-13 Oct 2024

Edinburgh, UK
3-Day Thai Yoga Massage & Yin Yoga

21-25 Nov 2024

Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, UK

3-Day Celebration of Love: Couples Retreat with Yoga and Meditation

4-6 February 2025

5-day ashtanga yoga retreat iverness
Inverness, Highland, UK

5-Day Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

11-15 April 2025

scotland retreats examples

Scotland offers the perfect escape from the frenetic pace and constant upheaval into a sanctuary of natural wonders. Let the tales from the past inscribed over its natural marvels recite to you stories of peace, tranquility and rejuvenation, while embracing a quintessentially Scottish wellness experience.

From savouring delectable food to immersing yourself in nature-inspired wellbeing practices to exploring the art of mindful wool-weavering straight from the root of Scotland’s enduring sheep-rearing tradition, you will feel the gentle currents of personal renewal.

Embraced by nature’s hug, gaze at the breathtaking scenery, composed of sheer moorlands, glistening lochs, rugged coastline and quaint towns. As you reconnect with Mother Earth and your inner self, submerge yourself in the profound beauty that surrounds you through a range of wellbeing practices.

Scottish Highlands

What makes Scotland a truly sought-after retreat destination are the Scottish Highlands., captivating with their rugged grandeur and untamed beauty. Amidst the mysterious lochs, header moors and cascading waterfalls, charming villages welcome visitors to share in the rich tapestry of Highland culture, making them the ideal spot for a wellness retreat in Scotland. From hiking and cycling to campfire stories, the place can be truly enchanting, just like your experience.

Isle of Skye

If you’re seeking inspiration to tap into the world of wellness, look no further than Isle of Skye, located in the northernmost part of the Inner Hebrides. With awe-inspiring vistas unfolding at every turn, from pristine seashores to tranquil freshwater lochs, from majestic mountains to picturesque islands, Isle of Skye has plenty of luxurious and rustic retreat options for a truly unforgettable retreat in Scotland. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to see the breathtaking Northern Lights.

Cairngorms National Park

Scotland’s largest national park, Cairngorms, is one of the most wonderful countryside spots boasting enchanting landscapes, ancient forests, and abundant wildlife. This makes it the ideal setting for outdoor retreats, meditation, and wildlife spotting. You may even be able to spot the mighty golden eagle in the area, which has been designated as a site of European significance.


Known as “Big Tree Country,” Perthshire spans across 200,000 acres of woodland which are enticing to explore in all seasons. The region is renowned for its overflowing beauty encompassing lush forests, tranquil rivers and picture-perfect glens. One of the best ways to devour its scenic highlights is via the Cateran Trail, while its natural wonders invite you to focus on stillness, traverse the great outdoors, and immerse yourself in the Celtic culture during your retreat in Scotland

Eco-friendly retreats

Scotland’s pristine wilderness and unparalleled beauty makes you want to cherish and preserve its treasures. There are plenty of eco-friendly retreats in Scotland that offer you sustainable accommodation tucked in nature and a range of practices that teach you how to honour Mother Earth and move in synchronicity with it.

Art therapy retreats

Scotland’s rich cultural heritage and inspiring landscapes serve as the perfect backdrop for art therapy retreats. The stunning scenery, ancient castles and historic towns provide endless inspiration for creative expression. Meanwhile, the feeling of solitude that the high mountains and charming glens exude impel you to connect with therapeutic creative practices amidst the stunning natural wonders, wildlife and like-minded people.

Sound bath retreats

Immerse yourself in the healing power of sound amidst nature’s serenity, fostered by the natural acoustic environments that all of Scotland has to offer. Retreat in a secluded setting and let healing soundscapes take you on a journey amidst the country’s natural beauty. Scotland’s rich musical heritage also adds a unique dimension to sound bath retreats, connecting you with ancient sounds humming the frequency of the land.

Yoga retreats

Scotland’s diverse terrain offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor yoga sessions, such as beach yoga by the coast, forest yoga in ancient woodlands, or mountain yoga with panoramic views. Tranquil and secluded accommodations tucked in nature also offer the perfect setting for intimate yoga sessions away from the rest of the world. And that’s not all, a range of holistic practices, such as Ayurveda, meditation and massages, invite you to make the most of your retreat in Scotland.

Me Time Away understands the essence of what makes a truly Scottish retreat experience since our company is based in the United Kingdom. That means that we have a prime understanding of what makes a truly luxurious and rejuvenating retreat experience, and we’re able to carefully choose our partners. Our commitment lies in curating high-quality retreat experiences, addressing various customer touchpoints and integrating your preferences into our selection process. With us, you’re sure to be revelling in the quaint and charming atmosphere of Scotland and beyond, while in the good hands of our esteemed partners. Me Time Away is your one-stop platform for tending to your wellness needs, wherever in the world your retreat journey leads you to.

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