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Immerse yourself in the wonders of la dolce vita in the heart of Italy. Embrace tranquillity and calm amid breathtaking vistas and mouth-watering cuisines.

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Revitalise your soul and spirit with the magic of Italy. Surrender your stress and anxieties and embrace the captivating nature and warmth of this transformative country. Featuring luxurious destinations such as the profound landscapes of Lake Como and the breathtaking coastlines of Northern Sardinia, Italy plays host to some of the most life-changing and enchanting wellness retreats the world has to offer. Boasting emotional scenery that transports you to another world, Italy makes for the perfect destination for retreats focused on connection, eating, movement and relaxation. Whether you choose to reinvigorate your body through movement retreats in the Italian Alps or deepen your connection with a loved one in The Amalfi Coast, Italian retreats will leave you yearning for more.

Featured Wellness Retreats in Italy

Discover our wellness holidays in Italy for groups and individual therapies…

tuscany retreats in italy

Tuscany, Italy

7-Day Fasting and Yoga Retreat in Sant Tropez

2 – 9 Sep 2023

sardinia yoga on the beach retreat

Sardegna, Italy

4-Day Yoga & Mindfulness Retreats in Sassari Region

1-6 Oct 2023

retreat in the italian alps

San Cassiano, Italy

5-Day Rebalance & Relaxation Retreats in the Italian Alps

21-26 Sep 2024

wine tasting and rejuvenation retreat for couples monopoli italy

Monopoli, Italy

6-Day Wine Tasting & Rejuvenation Retreat for Couples

16-22 Mar 2024

italian lifestyle and fresh food

Centred on relaxation, beauty and pleasure, Italy lets you unwind and rejuvenate in style. From its jaw-dropping mountains and stunning coastlines, Italy is an unmatched destination for luxury retreats that leave you feeling forever moved. Rich in cultural heritage, architecture and art, Italy is as charming as it is transformative – encouraging you to slow down and give your mind and body the love and attention it deserves. With a devotion to using only the freshest of ingredients, expect to indulge in exceptional cuisine using locally-sourced ingredients. With an array of wellness centres, yoga retreats and some of the best spas in Europe, Italy makes for the ultimate destination when it comes to a luxurious and indulgent escape.

Lake Como

Home to some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world, Lake Como oozes sophistication and natural beauty. Set against one of the most picturesque lakes in Europe, Lake Como is the perfect place to relax and unwind while embracing Italy’s slow-living lifestyle. Lake Como is an ideal setting for meditation and mindfulness retreats, helping you reconnect with your mind, body and soul while breathing in the wonders of the awe-inspiring scenery around you. 


Famed for its olive and vineyard-dotted landscapes, Tuscany will awaken all of your senses with its breathtaking hilltop villages and devotion to art. Quintessential for those looking to explore their inner creatives, Tuscany’s magic appeals to those looking to embark on creative writing, creative thinking or photography retreats. You’ll forever find yourself chasing the feeling that a luxurious and charming Tuscany retreat provided you. 

Amalfi Coast

Filled with colour villages and extraordinary coastlines, the Amalfi Coast is the centre of idyllic beauty. This small and metamorphic slice of Italy embraces all things luxury and wellness. Perfect for honeymooners or couples looking to reconnect, the Amalfi Coast is well-suited to couples and marriage retreats. 

Northern Sardinia

Experience crystal clear waters and colourful beaches in Northern Sardinia. Known for its delicious cuisine and warm welcome from locals, this seaside wonder is just as culturally enriching as it is transformative. Centred on connection and friendship, Northern Sardinia welcomes solo travellers and women’s only retreats for people looking to experience the beauty of southern Italy with others. 

The Italian Alps

Featuring lush alpine meadows, emerald lakes and jaw-dropping mountains, the Italian Alps is a magical destination that exudes natural beauty. Appealing to those looking to embrace movement, the Italian Alps is the perfect backdrop to cycling, walking, and other fitness retreats that promote health and wellness in a picturesque setting. 


This calm and charming corner of Italy boasts awe-inspiring beaches, stunning sea cliffs and authentic cuisine. Appealing to those who want something less touristy and chaotic, Puglia is the ideal destination for people looking to embark on a wellness journey in a warm and culturally enriching part of Italy. This is a wonderful place to focus on healing, with health and healing retreats offered to help you process life experiences and emotions. 


There’s no greater joy than experiencing the magic of flavoursome dishes that transform your opinion of food. And when it comes to delectable cuisine, no one does it quite like the Italians. When you take part in an Eat retreat, you are provided with various options to suit your needs such as healthy cooking, raw food, nutrition, vegan or vegetarian cuisine. This places you in charge of your gastronomical adventure while still relishing the staples of Italian cooking.


Wellness retreats in Italy encourage you to welcome their slow approach to living. Centred on relaxing and giving your mind and body the rest it needs, relaxation retreats help you reconnect with your inner self without the worries and stresses of busy lifestyles. Famed for physical pleasure and self-indulgence, Italy makes for an excellent host when it comes to breathing easier and unwinding.


Italy places a strong emphasis on the importance of friends and family. Boasting warm welcomes and meaningful attachments, Italy makes for a wonderful destination to connect with others. Whether you choose to take part in a couple’s retreat or immerse yourself in the beauty of the unknown with new friends, connection retreats are focused on the mood-boosting elements that come with deepening your bond with others.

Me Time Away is dedicated to providing you with a memorable experience centred on connection, serenity and life-defining moments you’ll cherish for years to come. Each wellness retreat destination is hand-picked to foster meaningful experiences amid some of the most breathtaking vistas in Europe. Designed to help you embrace the art of slow living, Me Time Away puts you in charge of your overall wellness experience, allowing you to decide how much or how little you wish to partake in. Packed with mouth-watering dishes, luxurious accommodation and guides that make you feel like one of the locals, Me Time Away handles all logistics for you so you can focus on the person that matters most – yourself.

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