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Bask in Spain’s sun-drenched lands, as you embark on a journey of renewal at luxurious health retreats. With immaculate coastlines and awe-inspiring mountains, these retreats offer experiences that linger in your heart forever, leaving you rekindled and refreshed.

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Spain, with its culture that inspires and fosters wellness and connection, presents an exquisite haven for embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery, replete with luxurious amenities. Absorb the splendor of the Spanish sun as you reconnect with yourself, enveloped by the breathtaking majesty of the coasts and hills. Immerse yourself in the world-famous local cuisine and be welcomed as a cherished comrade by the amiable locals. With tailored health retreats focused on mountain fitness or beachside meditation, Spain’s multifaceted beauty offers a sumptuous escape to fuel your personal odyssey.

Featured Wellness Retreats in Spain

Discover our wellness holidays in Spain for groups and individual therapies…

Alicante, Spain

7-Day Rebalance & Relaxation Retreat in Costa Blanca

4 – 11 Aug 2023

sardinia yoga on the beach retreat

Tenerife, Spain

4-Day Yoga & Mindfulness Retreats in Tenerife Island

23-27 Sep 2023

Frigiliana, Spain

5-Day Cleansing and Smudging Rituals Retreat in Costa del Sol

21-26 Sep 2024

retreat in majorca spain

Majorca, Spain

6-Day Meditation Retreat and Energy Healing for Couples

16-22 Mar 2024

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Known for its inspiring culture that prioritises wellness and connection, Spain makes for a sensational place to embark on a transformative wellness journey rooted in luxury. Reconnect with yourself under the warm Spanish sun while taking in the stunning coastlines and hills around you. Enjoy the world-famous local cuisine with kind locals that treat you like a friend. Health retreats in Spain can be focused on fitness in the mountains or a meditation journey on the beach. This stunning and multifaceted country has so much to offer, making it the luxurious escape needed to help you focus on your own journey.


Known for its fun summer parties, this breathtaking Balearic island offers more than just a stunning backdrop for young people looking to let loose. With beautiful coves, sun-drenched beaches and rolling hills, Ibiza is one of Spain’s most popular wellness destinations. Ideal for people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, embarking on a retreat in Ibiza allows you to breathe in the beautiful surroundings around you while re-energising your body and spirit.


Boasting crystal clear turquoise waters and pristine white sand beaches, Fuerteventura offers some of the most beautiful wellness escapes that Spain has to offer. Littered in natural beauty, this rugged yet spectacular island is the ideal escape for those looking for a bit of adventure. Whether you’re looking for a yoga retreat with a friend or want to focus on healing on your own, Fuerteventura offers countless fitness retreats designed to meet your needs.


Renowned for its health retreats, Tenerife is one of the most sought-after locations in the Canary Islands due to its tropical climate and breathtaking scenery. Boasting world-class health resorts, Tenerife is an exceptional place to embark on a transformative journey of tranquillity and calm. Ideal for those looking for a detox retreat that’s designed to cleanse your body and mind, Tenerife has various wellness holidays for people looking to embrace Spanish culture and beauty.


Featuring sensational cliffs and countless hidden coves, Mallorca has it all. From charming architecture to awe-inspiring mountains, Mallorca is an unforgettable location for those looking to soak up the Spanish sun while indulging in a wellness holiday they’ll cherish for years to come. Offering a wide variety of luxury retreats, Mallorca is a sublime spot to reconnect with your inner self through a meditation retreat designed by world-class wellness experts.


Attracting people with a sense of adventure, Andalucia offers a delightful mixture of Spanish wellness and healthy movement. Great for those looking to get moving amid stunning coastlines, this stunning Costa del Sol location offers a wide variety of health retreats that shouldn’t be missed.


Nestled in the southeast of Spain, Alicante has dramatic landscapes and golden Mediterranean beaches perfect for Spanish retreat holidays. With delectable cuisine and a slower pace of life, Alicante makes for a superb location to prioritize your wellness journey. Whether you’re looking for the best yoga retreats in Spain or a wellness escape that focuses on healing, Alicante has plenty to offer well-being enthusiasts looking to indulge.


Spain’s resplendent topography, with its bewitching beaches and pulsating energy, provides an enchanting setting to invigorate your physique. Indulge your body with yoga retreats, carefully curated to elevate your spirits, or blaze through the picturesque Spanish mountains with cycling retreats that elevate your heart rate. Spain’s extensive selection of wellness retreats guarantees a sense of revitalization and triumph. Whether you choose to participate fully or selectively, the power to choose is entirely yours.


Healing retreats help you leave the stresses of everyday life behind while you look after your mind and body. Centred around mental health, emotional healing, grief and menopause, there are a wide variety of Spanish retreats created specifically to help you heal. No matter what you’re looking to overcome in life, it helps to have wellness experts guide you through the process – all amongst some of Spain’s most breathtaking landscapes and coastlines. Depending on your wants and needs, there’s a healing retreat that’s right for you and your situation.


There’s nothing quite like relaxing in the Spanish sun while indulging in a transformative journey of the body and mind. With a healthy and inspiring view of life, embarking on a wellness retreat in Spain will have you feeling nourished and renewed. Whether you choose to opt for a meditation retreat that focuses on inner connection or a luxury retreat that leaves you feeling pampered and spoiled, there are countless Spanish retreats that focus on unplugging and relaxing. These retreats are specifically designed to help you breathe easier while giving your mind and body the rest it deserves and needs.

Here at Me Time Away, we hand-pick health retreats in Spain that are rooted in transformative and moving experiences. With a heavy emphasis on luxury, we use our expert guidance to provide people with wellness retreats that make for cherished memories for years to come. With connections to some of Spain’s most awe-inspiring health resorts, each of our health retreats is designed to add value in a certain capacity. Whether this is through movement, connection, relaxation, or cleansing, we put in the time and care needed to make for formative adventures that leave our guests feeling re-energised and renewed.

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