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Uncover the power of shared experience as you journey on a healing menopause retreat with a collection of kindred sisters also navigating this time of change and rediscovery.
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Specifically created to support women going through perimenopause and menopause, these nurturing women’s retreats make space to share your experience of the symptoms of menopause and offer a plethora of treatments and therapies designed to help balance the mind, body and nervous system. From Ayurvedic massage and lymphatic drainage techniques to breathwork, yoga, acupuncture and HRT, menopause retreats allow you to listen to the needs of your body and heal in a way that feels nourishing and aligned. Perhaps even more valuable than the wellness treatments, though, is the connection you will make with your fellow females who are also moving through the experience. Menopause retreats enable you to shine attention and intention on your personal experience and connect deeply with others at the same stage of life as you.

Featured Menopause Retreats

our menopause retreats for groups and individual therapies …

ayahuasca retreat in costa rica

Liberia, Costa Rica

10 Day Menopause Glow & Flow in Costa Rica

12 – 21 June 2024

retreat relaxation treatment example - menopause retreats
Gili Meno, Indonesia
8 Day Perimenopause and Menopause Retreats on Exoctic Island

9-16 Jul 2024

manopause retreats in swiss alps

Alps, Switzerland

7-Day Welcoming “Second Spring” Retreat in Swiss Alps

21 – 27 Sep 2024

menopause retreat location marbella spain

Marbella, Spain

12 Day Correcting Imbalances & Emotional Release Therapies Retreat

12-23 Feb 2025

menopause retreats - example therapies
The menopause can be a time of huge upheaval and transformation, with your mind, body and soul undergoing some major shifts. We therefore think there’s no better opportunity to slow down, tune in to your body and connect with others on a similar journey. Our menopause retreat collection focuses on both personal wellness and group healing to ensure you enjoy a holistic getaway, tapping into nutrition, stress-management, personal development and the power of community. Whether you opt for a retreat with a medical-wellness focus or something more aligned with community and self-care, you’re sure to discover tools and techniques to help you cope with the physical and emotional challenges that arise during the menopause and feel fully seen and heard throughout the process. Menopause retreats open you up to the opportunity of experimenting with different healing modalities to help you live a more balanced, connected life. With medical diagnostic analysis and phytotherapy on one end of the spectrum to tree-hugging, emotional release and sharing circles on the other, there’s bound to be a menopause retreat that feels aligned with your own personal journey.

Ayurvedic menopause retreats

The time of menopausal transition in Ayurvedic terms is linked to changes to your body’s natural doshic balance (most people being weighted towards one dosha: vata, pitta or kapha) with imbalances creating symptoms such as insomnia, hot flashes, mood swings or weight gain. Ayurvedic retreats allow you to discover which imbalances are present in your body and offer healing treatments such as herbal teas and tonics, massages to the lymphatic system and a tailored nutrition plan with the aim of increasing vitality and immunity and providing a general sense of rejuvenation.

Second Spring Menopause Retreats

The key principle of Second Spring Menopause Retreats is to allow you time and space to focus on yourself; moving from a period of fertility, reproduction, giving and nurturing, to a time of personal growth, self-care, receiving and nourishment. These retreats invite you to embrace stillness with blissful offerings like sound baths, reflexology, guided meditations and cacao ceremonies, helping to combat the physical and mental signs of menopause while also connecting with other women on their own healing journeys.

Medical-Wellness Menopause Retreats

Specialist medical-wellness menopause retreats are perfect for those who want to focus on the physical symptoms of menopause with physicians on hand to evaluate hormonal levels and offer treatments such as HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) to help relieve women of issues such as hot flashes and diminished sex drive. They combine medical treatments with spa services and other bodywork treatments such as acupuncture and their delicious meal plans take the temptation off the menu so that you can easily choose nourishing food that heals and restores from the inside out.

Holistic Menopause Retreats

Holistic menopause retreats take an all-encompassing view of this stage of a woman’s life, offering you a safe space to voice your concerns about your changing body, mind and spirit and assist you in navigating this time of transition with grace and comfort. With sharing circles, emotional release practices, detox programmes, hypnotherapy and yoga Nidra, these getaways are truly nourishing for the soul! Plus, you have the opportunity to meet other like-minded women moving through the menopause too, so you’ll have a new circle of women to see and support you on your journey.

Menopause retreats are all about switching off, getting away from it all and connecting to your body, and as such, tranquil retreat locations are a must! Whether the Swiss Alps, a Mediterranean beach or the peaceful English countryside, our selection of menopause retreats are sure to help you unwind and heal from within. Some of the premier menopause retreats are held wellness resorts or menopause centres around the world including Preidelhof in Italy, Ananda in the Himalayas and Marbella on Spain’s Costa Del Sol.

Are you sick of your menopausal symptoms being brushed off as ‘just something you have to deal with’? Do you feel as though you’re never truly seen, heard or understood by medical professionals and wish there was a better way? Perhaps you feel alone on your menopause journey and long to share your experience with other women walking this path with you?

Menopause retreats are finally here to fill the void of wellness offerings for those moving through this potentially tumultuous time in their lives. With wellbeing, connection and reharmonising at their core, menopause retreats are a safe haven for healing. They offer both natural and medical treatments to ensure you feel understood and cared for throughout your journey and leave feeling lighter, more balanced and, of course, with new-found friendships that can continue to support you in your day-to-day life.

Discover new ways of boosting your hormones, managing your stress levels, redistributing heat, unlocking your inner voice and giving your body an overall rebalancing so that you feel you can walk hand-in-hand with your menopause symptoms going forwards rather than fighting against them.

Me Time Away want to provide nourishing spaces for you to heal and grow, with a focus on sustainability, safety and serenity. We therefore choose retreats that have carefully curated healing programmes, chic yet comfortable lodgings and meticulously designed menus that will leave you feeling nurtured from the inside out. We take the hassle out of know what is and isn’t included so you can book your getaway with peace of mind and simply enjoy the experience!

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