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8 Things to Expect From a Retreat

Want to book mindfulness or a yoga retreat but you’re not really sure what to expect? A retreat is a perfect way to relax, discover new things and meet new people, and you don’t have to be a yoga expert to enjoy the experience. That’s right, our retreats aren’t just made for people that can headstand, expect a range of different activities and quiet time to yourself. However, if you choose to practice yoga or pilates, you’ll be improving your flexibility, toning the muscles and building the foundations for a healthier lifestyle. A wellness retreat is all about rejuvenating and spending time with like-minded people to get to know your mind and body. So learn what to pack for a retreat and get ready by reading a list of 8 things to expect from a retreat:

1. Try new things

As we said, a wellness retreat isn’t just about doing yoga, it’s about relaxation and creating time to do things that you enjoy. That’s why there will be a range of activities for you to try out that will help bring calm and wellbeing. One of the best things about a retreat is that you’re not obliged to do attend each activity. All of the workshops and classes are scheduled, if your body is telling you to rest and stay in one day, or you just want to spend some extra time on your own, you are absolutely free to do so. The whole point of the retreat is to focus on your wellbeing.

2. Going off the grid

There are yoga retreats all over the world, so your possibilities are endless. Most retreats are set in the countryside, away from society so as well as being in a calming environment, you usually get to stay somewhere you wouldn’t often choose on a holiday with the kids or friends. This is the perfect chance to discover somewhere new and spend some quality time by yourself. Some retreats cover destination tour and even meeting locals.

3. Change your mind and body

“Discover yourself’ on a retreat for many may sound a bit too much, but chances are you really will have a different outlook on life after the experience. Those days, we are so busy focusing on exterior problems such as work and family, that we forget to take a step back and reflect on how we feel on the inside. At a retreat, you are free from distraction and can devote the time to try and heal yourself.

4. Community

This is a place where you meet like-minded people and connect during your experience. Unlike a regular yoga or pilates class where people practise on a casual basis, the retreat attracts people who are dedicated to learning more about the practice and exploring ways to improve their wellbeing. Surrounding yourself with people who are on their own journey will have a positive impact on yours. You may also develop meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.

5. Digital detox

Portable devices can be the enemy of wellbeing. Having constant access to work emails, anxiety can build up. Social media if overuse may also have a negative impact on our relationships and how we value ourselves, so it’s time to put the phone away and remove any possible forms of negative energy. You may find at first, you’re constantly going to check your pocket to see your phone, but after a while away from technology, you’ll feel a wave of relief knowing that your distractions are slowly beginning to disappear.

6. Relaxation time

Me time is essential, and going on a wellness retreat is one of the best ways to get it. Here you’re free from interference and can afford to focus more time on yourself, which isn’t a bad thing! At a retreat, it is necessary that you take quality time for yourself so that you are able to rejuvenate and be ready to face the real world again. Daily life can be exhausting; therefore, you should take advantage of your time at the retreat to be still. A study featuring 135 people showed that 6 months of yoga improved their quality of life, mood and reduced fatigue, therefore spending some more time on the mat could have some long terms benefits for your wellbeing.

7. Healthy food

The whole point of a retreat is to fill your body will as much goodness as possible, which is why healthy, nutritious food is always a part of a retreat. What we eat has a huge impact on many things in our lives. A poor diet can lead to deficiencies, fatigue and malnutrition, whereas wholesome and balanced nutrition can leave you feeling full of energy. At a retreat, you will be provided with fresh, nutritious meals to help you with your full body and mind cleanse.

8. Enjoy yourself

This is the most important benefit to expect from your yoga retreat, otherwise, it won’t have been worth it if you spend the whole time worrying about external factors or not getting involved with new activities. Allow yourself to let go and be fully immersed in the programme and we can guarantee that you’ll have a beautiful experience.

You’ve gathered all of the information of what to expect from a wellness retreat, now it’s time to do your research and find a retreat that suits your current requirements. Be prepared for the relaxation experience of a lifetime and when you are back home to re-balance and re-establish your life in a new way.

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