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The Top Wellness Trends for 2020

There are a lot of different activities, practices and techniques you can embody and integrate for holistic health, wellness and a deeper connection to yourself. Here are the upcoming top wellness trends we’ll all be talking about in the year ahead…

Kundalini Yoga (Not just yoga!)

Yoga has made its way into mainstream society for years. However, what is less known is the power and significance of kundalini yoga. Kundalini is the vibrant life force which flows through our bodies. It is often referred to as shakti or seen as a serpent- like energy responsible for health, vitality, spiritual awareness and well- being, and psychic or intuitive vision. A free flow of kundalini energy, free from blockages, imbalances and distortions, has many health benefits.

There are many kundalini yoga classes, courses and group events in the western world today, however you can also travel afar to experience it in different lands. Koh Phangan in Thailand is a great spot to learn, as are many places in India.

Tai Chi and/ or Qi Gong

Tai Chi and Qi Gong, or Chi Kung, are both martial arts focusing on the holistic being. They are more gentle than other martial arts (which are more “martial” and combative) and therefore are a great way to connect to your inner spirit and achieve wellness on all levels. Your emotional health and mental health are just as significant as physical well- being, so starting to learn one of these as a hobby and wellness activity can lead to many wonderful things.

In short, these two martial arts open your internal energy systems to new levels of health and vitality. This further increases awareness and opens neural pathways- which can result in many new opportunities and exciting life changes.

Nature therapy

To keep it short and sweet, nature is incredibly restoring and rejuvenating! There is so much that can be said here, so, for now, it is important to be reminded of the elemental energy which flows through all living things, including our own bodies. We are made up of water, air, fire and earth, at least on an energetic and metaphysical level. Spending time in nature and making a conscious effort to absorb the healing qualities of each of the natural world’s elements can have many positive effects.

Herbs for health

Herbal healing or herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years and since ancient times. Many ancient cultures were aware of the healing properties of plants, herbs and flowers and even modern medicines today have herbal and plant source extracts derived. Furthermore, herbs can be merged into your diet for longevity, vitality and health.

In the words of one of the world’s most famous physicians, Hippocrates; “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!”

A return to source and simplicity

Returning to source and simplicity may just be what you need in 2020. Fortunately, there are so many beautiful places in the world to visit. “Backpacking” or “travelling on a budget” is possibly one of the most sanist things one could do- it is no longer viewed as “hippy” or “bohemian.” There are also many peaceful and natural spots in your own country, as every country provides opportunity to return to your own inner source and connect to your true nature. (Thank you mother earth!)

Focus on abundance and prosperity- not money

The power of a shift in mindset cannot go overlooked or underestimated. Money is the root of all evils. Wrong. Money is not the root of all evils, but perhaps our self- created associations with the word money are?

Many spiritual beings and people in tune with spirituality, metaphysics and a return to a higher consciousness/ their “higher selves” often focus on abundance and prosperity. This is because they are aware of the difference and how a change in mindset can be extremely healing and beneficial. It is we humans as a society who have made the phrase “money is the root of all evils” popular, and almost believed it; however, money is just a tool to get to what we are truly seeking: abundance and prosperity.

And abundance can apply to anything and everything- health, harmony, prosperous relationships, love, opportunity, experience, friends, self- development, spiritual happiness, mental calm, emotional peace, resources, wisdom… the list is infinite!

2020 brings the evolution and expansion of a new age of being, awareness and understanding, and with this new vibe or frequency is the understanding that true prosperity and fortune lies within. Change your mindset and your luck and financial abundance will begin to change.

Exercise for the soul & spirit

Exercise for the soul and spirit and not just the physical is a sure trend for 2020. Many beliefs and practices have become outdated, and the realization that they were birthed from a time where science overruled neuroscience, quantum physics, ancient spirituality and esoteric knowledge and wisdom, is also increasing. Ritual and routine almost made it onto this list, and they sure are deeply beneficial practices to engage in for well- being. However, we felt to mention them here with exercises for the soul or spirit because ritual and routine forms the foundation for any successful exercise and “get fit” activity. We explore this more in number 10.

CBD oil

CBD oil is not only a fabulous trend but also a potential life- saver. The health benefits of CBD oil is no longer blurred under a disillusioned shield of fear, ignorance or “unnatural” laws. This article from Well and Good provide some good advice on the benefits and implications of recognizing CBD as a new wellness trend and practice for 2020, and beyond.

Technology detox

Detaching from technology every once in a while is very beneficial for our health. Not only is it beneficial, but it is also catalytic- it can help shift us into new and improved versions of ourselves where we make time for creative, intellectual, spiritual and wellness- related pursuits.

Try and engage in a regular technology detox. You can create your own “mini-retreat” style- detox at home.

Self- care and self- love over “getting fit”

In this day and age, there is so much emphasis and subtle (or very apparent and in your face!) cues and signals telling us that we need to “get fit.” But does all this pressure and perpetual subconscious programming prevent us from being healthy and happy? We suggest that a change of mindset is due, and that getting fit through gym memberships, regular jogs and other traditional methods should perhaps be adapted. If physical reality is an illusion and we are more than the physical body- we have a mind, emotions, spirit and a creative- intuitive self; should we not be directing our energy elsewhere?

Self- care and self- love can help us to feel better about ourselves. By feeling better, we further want to look better, treat our bodies right, and make choices in harmony with our best or highest selves. We are emotional- empathic and intuitive creatures- especially we women, and this means that we are not ignorant or oblivious to the wants and needs of our own bodies. Shifting to self- love and self- care through a holistic approach to health and wellness can open us up to the magic and bliss of looking, and feeling, like the divine goddess that we are. The same applies to the gods! (Men!)

Crystal healing

Crystals have been used for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians were using Lapis Lazuli as a dream stone, and today many people recognize the power of crystal pendants as protection or healing gems. Scientists even established that quartz crystals can be used to power watches based on the electromagnetic qualities which harmonize to the natural world!

In short, crystals have a cleansing, healing and empowering effect and can remove blockages and imbalances in the energy body. (Spiritual body, mental and emotional planes, and in the astral or ether.)

Sound therapy

Sound is the basis of life- everything can be measured in sound waves and frequencies. Shamans and tribal cultures frequently engaged in drumming circles and sound healing to restore health and harmony to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies, or planes of existence. In the modern world today, many “new age” or “urban” shamans and well- being practitioners use sound alongside their therapies, and in sound events.

Sound circles, sound therapy, drumming circles and shamanic healing sessions which use sound are all highly effective ways to heal and empower yourself, further restoring wholeness to the self. They are also incredibly stimulating and fun!

Alternative and dairy-free milks

Finally, one of the best wellness trends for 2020 which has been increasingly making its way into our conscious minds (and hearts), is the transition to non- dairy or alternative milk. Cashewnut, macadamia nut, hazelnut, almond, and walnut are all great nut- milk alternatives! Soya, rice and oat are wonderful non- nut dairy-free milk. Finally, coconut and hemp are possibly two of the best dairy- free milk available.

You can read more on our blog about the plant-based alternatives to dairy milks..

Wellness Travel Trends?

In truth, there are so many extraordinary places on the planet that we could write a whole book on this topic alone. To keep it short and sweet, therefore, create a vision board. In this vision board, write down all the key themes from this article and give each a color. Once you have your list, create your personal destination wish- list. Any country, city, national park, beach, island, mountain, holiday home or resort, or activity should be matched appropriately to the type of wellness activity you want to experience.

For example, you want to experience a traditional jungle trek (number 3: Nature therapy) and you would like to return to source and simplicity (number 5). Why not align with a beautiful, healing and blissful mountain trek that combines the two and can allow you to detach from the modern world and find yourself? Mount Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo could provide this experience!

Hint: This will require some research.

Looking to the root

When thinking about which wellness trend or trends are best for us, it is first important to look to the root. This root is the foundation of our knowledge and awareness- what are we basing this “must- do” or “set in stone” well- being practise on?

The answer lies in the stars. We are essentially from the stars as we are infinite, limitless and spiritual beings; we have a non- physical essence that connects us to invisible worlds and unseen galaxies. Also, don’t you just feel incredible when you take time to detach from everything and star gaze with a loved one, or spend an evening absorbed in the magic and the mystery of the universe? (Perhaps with a blanket and some wine or delicious treats?!)

So, two important astrological transits need to be known if you wish to integrate the blessings of the best wellness trends for 2020. This can also help determine which travel destinations may be best suited to your needs and requirements.

Uranus in Taurus

The first important transit or cycle is Uranus, the planet of awakening, liberation and transformation, in Taurus. Taurus is the sun sign representing communication, the arts, beauty, a love for and connection to nature, and creative expression. Taureans (those born under Taurus) are deeply earthy and sensual beings who get drawn to beauty, art, nature, kindness, sincerity and soul. This is due to Taurus’ ruler, Venus. Those with Taurus as a star sign are also often seen to be representatives of Mother Earth. In other words, they recognize the spirit which flows through all living things and subsequently take a deep interest in the well- being of our planet.

Uranus began its 7-year transit through Taurus in March this year (2019) and will end in April 2026. This means that any wellness activity or trend in alignment and harmony with the energetic qualities and associations of Uranus in Taurus can have a real impact on your health, mindset and well- being.

Does anything come to mind? What about kundalini yoga or tai chi in your local park or nature reserve? Or, how about taking up a new artistic or creatively charged project or hobby?

We explore some of the best trends connected to this astrological insight below.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune is the planet of dreams, inspiration, creative and artistic expression, psychic and intuitive gifts & abilities, and spirituality. Neptune is often associated with the divine and can be represented by the mystic arts. It is also seen as the planet of illusion, which makes a Neptune transit great for anything related to the arts, film, media, the abstract, or imaginative and creative thinking!

Pisces is the dreamer of the Zodiac and symbolizes compassion, empathy, intuition, spirituality, adaptability, creativity, inspiration and sensitivity. Pisces is the 12th and final sign, and this means that it embodies all 12 signs. It is also a water sign, and water has strong links to the emotional, spiritual and psychic realms.

Put these two together and a Neptune in Pisces transit, which is lasting all the way until 2026, signifies some extraordinary self- developments in health, well- being, spirituality and self.

Visit our other post for Yoga Trends 2020.

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